View Full Version : Changes in Msconfig by Administrator

Gum Digger
14-03-2004, 05:21 PM
Iam running windows Xp Pro with 2 administrator accounts setup, one is called administrator and other is called Joe.
What i want to do is stop the joe taking effects when i make changes in msconfig - startup.
Because there are some program that i want to run at startup when i log in as administrator but those programs are unnecessary when i log on as joe.
Please help me with this.

14-03-2004, 06:17 PM
You can install Xteq (which is a free tweaker) the log on as Joe and run it then find the start up section in Xteq and disable or remove the programs for that user. (Be careful as changes to certain areas can cause other problems)

Graham L
15-03-2004, 03:31 PM
Think about the way you are working.

The Administrator account is meant to be used for adminstering the OS. User accounts are intended for using applications which run under the OS.

The moment you give a user account adminsitrator privileges, you lose the protection the different privilege levels give you.

Use the Administrator account for that. Use the Joe account as a user account. Then you should have a user-level Start Up, and a separate adminstrator Start Up. ;-) It's better to use the security settings in the way they're intended to be used. You should never need Administrator privilege to do "user" things.