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14-03-2004, 03:21 PM
My hard drive has seriously died.

- Anyone had any successes paying for places like Computer Forensics or anyone to recover the data?

- And at what cost? (I've heard of people saying thousands).

I just have some stuff on there, I'm going to have a hard time letting go if I don't try at least.

14-03-2004, 05:04 PM
it's obviously not booting to windows will it read in dos ?...........um......what is it that is tellign you its died ?

Billy T
14-03-2004, 05:44 PM
Computer Forensics successfully recovered data off a dead drive for me, and I have a friend who recently had data recovered by them from two drives drowned in flooded machines. The electronics had to be repaired on one drive (guess it was running when the water hit) and the platters and heads flushed with distilled water, then all data was recovered.

My recovery cost me around $1000 but my losses would have been greater without the repair. I wouldn't want to have to pay the bill for the flood job but I guess insurance picked that up.

If the data is important, don't try any self-help activities that might make the situation worse. Stick to read-only activities unless you know for sure what is wrong and how to fix it. If you can bear to let go of the data then you can try anything you fancy, no doubt there will be plenty of suggestions posted.


Billy 8-{)

14-03-2004, 05:56 PM
what error message/s is it generating?? if any?

14-03-2004, 06:01 PM
> it's obviously not booting to windows will it read in
> dos ?...........um......what is it that is tellign
> you its died ?

Oohh forgot to mention: Drive was only used as a slave so theres no operating system on it, just pure files (mp3s, spongebob episodes, install files that I kept etc).

I got bad clusters when I was booting up into Windows 98SE. I had to press any key while it was booting. I did this for two days.

On the third day, tried booting and got Slave Disk Error or something close to that right after it scans the primary/secondary drives etc. (Sorry its been about two weeks since it happened). It wouldn't allow me to boot into 98SE at all from the master drive (which is still ok).

I had to manually take out the drive, so I just want my spongebob and install files back, nothing else. I guess I could lose them if its really expensive, its just that I love spongebob and its taken so long to get what I have and I have old versions of programs I wanted.


14-03-2004, 06:31 PM
I don't know about wanting to recover illegal data. Sometimes they notify the police about it without notifying you.

Theres a few places that do data recovery.

1) http://www.datarecovery.co.nz/
2) http://www.ptech.co.nz/recovery/index.html

I'm in the process of getting my data recovered as we speak. I rung the first place and they quoted me $2500 to recover my 120Gbs. No way in hell.

Emailed second place and they were much cheaper $200-$800 range depending on difficulty of recoveryand quantity. They also said because I was a cheapo student they would give me 50% discount but the job is worked on as low priority and done when not working on other jobs.

So I decided to go with that. Much better than paying a grand to get the data back! They were supposed to contact me within 3days of receiving the drive to tell me likely cost of recovery etc. But guess what, I haven't heard anything about it for well over a month!! Even after a few emails which he seems to have ignored. I tried sending from a different email address and he replied "What drive type was it, and under what name?". When clearly I had finished the email off with my name. So I replied to that with the details of the drive and haven't heard anything for 2 weeks. What kind of shambles are they running over there!? Don't even know where my drive is ***. BAH!