View Full Version : Help! Which laptop do I buy??

14-03-2004, 01:34 AM
Thanks for the prompt help with my other post guys, much appreciated.
Now I need to know which laptop do I buy for my girlfriend? I am on a budget of 1500 to 2000 NZ$ and have whittled down the choices to three:
Acer Travelmate 243XC, from either Dick Smiths or ETC/PB Tech;
Compaq Presario 2548, from either ETC or PB Tech;
Toshiba Satellite A10, from either Warehouse Stationary or ETC/PB Tech.
I would like your opinions on these three models please! As it is for my girlfriend the three key factors I believe she is looking for are:
TV Out, can she surf the internet through the TV, preferabley SVHS;
Speed, it has to be faster than the creaky old P3 750 desktop we currently use;
Looks, is it sexy!
So over to you guys, which one should I go for??

the highlander
14-03-2004, 01:34 PM
"Speed, it has to be faster than the creaky old P3 750 desktop we currently use"

Not necessarily depending on your p3s present configuration but thats another story

Presarios tend to be loaded with oodles of uneeded compaq utilities running in background that impact on performance
Toshiba similar but not as pronounced.
Acer wouldn't have a clue.
Have tried the toshiba and was reasonably impressed with it apart from the 3d graphics but perfectly alright for everyday use. Has a very nice screen.
Whatever you buy I can't see you going wrong with pb tech they have excellent service and backup. Not knocking ETC or DS I buy gear from them all the time but they are more focused on selling than after sales service