View Full Version : Internet speed upgrade?

13-03-2004, 01:22 PM
Hi , I am currently using the Jetstarter plan with Paradise , and I heard from my friend that I would call Telecom up to reduce some of the 10G usage allowance in order to upgrade the speed to like say 256k/s , is it possible to do that ? Have any of you guys tried that ? Thanks!

Murray P
13-03-2004, 01:41 PM
Essentialy you would be changing your plan with your ISP (Paradise) who resell the Jetstart service from Telecom. So in a ntshell yes you can. AFAIK if you go with a from your current 128k 10GB plan to 256k 1GB you'll save $10-/mth if you run with the 256k 3GB plan it will be the same (through paradise and if you have toll calls via Telecom).

If you change ISP's you'll need to time it to coincide with your billing period so, check out the terms and conditions for both your current and intended ISP's or you could do some dosh.

Cheers Murray P