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Noel Nosivad
10-03-2004, 03:32 PM
Hey everyone,

I am having trouble with my phone line still.

I tried all the jackpoints and there still continues to be a static noise.

I rang Telecom and had them test it and they called back and said it was fine and that the problem was mine and if they send out a technician to fix nothing, it would cost $81.

About half an hour later from calling Telecom the phones went completely dead. I rang them back again on my Mobile and it was a different person, he checked the lines and said there was a problem with their equipment and would send a technician out to fix it the next morning.

Technician comes round, fixes the line so the phones were alive again and then leaves. The problem he said was it was water logged.

But the problem is still there, the phones are alive now, but I still have this static noise on all the lines. I've tested each jackpoint individual, as well with different phones and still the same.

If the problem is mine, how do I go about finding the fault? I don't see how it is mine due to the fact that the lines were fine and that I had to ring twice to get them to discover the fault, once when the lines were alive the other when it became dead.

Noel Nosivad

10-03-2004, 03:56 PM
We used to have the same problem. Every time it rained the phone in my flat would become staticy. I called Telecom and they decided to replace the line with a dual line (two phone lines in the same wire run) since my flat is joined to a main house. Imagine our surprise when the house started to receive my calls and vice-versa. We called them back and they then swapped the lines around. No problems since. The fault was at the point where the wire goes onto the telegraph pole. I suppose a lot of wear had made a bad joint which would have chemical corrosion exacerbated by water.



10-03-2004, 04:07 PM
Look on your bill from Telecom, does it contain a charge for maintenance? If so, then it is their problem and if it is audible, then they can't charge you for fixing it, as they gaurantee reasonable voice quality, but not dial-up internet quality.

Billy T
10-03-2004, 04:19 PM
Well Noel, if they replaced the waterlogged section and you still have static, it probably means that the fault is someplace other than in the part of the line that they fixed.

I had this problem some years back and I traced it to Telecom's side of the installation by disconnecting the lines at the point of connection to my house and connecting a phone directty at that point. The noise was still there so they came back and sorted it.

In my case the point of connection (POC or Telecom's demarcation point) was on the back of my garage so it was relatively easy to disconnect and test, but I guess your mileage may vary.

Try disconnecting every thing from your jackpoints (and I mean everything! Check and double check), test your phone on somebody else's line to make sure it is not crackling there, then go home and check at the point of connection, or on your bare lines if you can't do the POC check.

If you can verify that the line is noise-free at the demarcation point (with everything on your side isolated by disconnection) then it is indeed your problem and it is time to start wishing you hadn't dropped the line maintenance fee! Depending on how complex your phone system is (mine was a nightmare so I completely rewired in Cat5E for phone & network) you can work back down your line disconnectin to see where the problem is.

If it is noisy at the demarcation point with everything disconnected from your side then you can reasonable expect Telecom to come to the party and fix it for you at no charge.


Billy 8-{)

Peter Coleman
10-03-2004, 09:20 PM
ring Telecom again.If you are paying wire maintenance(it will be on your phone bill)then they won't charge you if it is in the wiring of the house,or outside.You will only get charged if it is in your equipment,ie,your own phones,alarm,sky decoder,etc.As long as it isn't any of those,and you are paying wire maintenance,then it won't cost you anything.


10-03-2004, 11:29 PM
just remember that if you're running any non-telepermetted hardware ie phone/modem, then not only will you be liable for all charges, but also get court action form breaching the "terms of use" which could potentially be huge.

eg: if your neighbours have the same problem you're describing and it is/was caused by a non telepermetted part at your home.


Noel Nosivad
11-03-2004, 12:31 AM
Hey everyone,

I am paying the wire maintenance fee on my phone account.

All my devices connected to the phone lines are telepermitted, I had no problems running them before.

This just seemed to happen overnight as the phones were alright a week ago.

All the phones have a static sounds to them. If I listen long enough there's brief times when the static just disappears, then it'll appear again.

I don't know what the technician did to fix the lines, I just know he made the phones live again.

I'll ring Telecom again and see what they've got to say.

Cheers, thanks for the advice.

Noel Nosivad

11-03-2004, 02:38 AM
> We used to have the same problem. Every time it
> rained the phone in my flat would become staticy. I
> called Telecom and they decided to replace the line

I concur! Used to get the same thing at my old place on dewy nights about 9pm and by about 10am the next morning it was gone.

Turns out the box on the side of the house where the cables connected was cracked and allowing moisture in, once it heated up in the morning it was gone.

Telecom tech came out to diagnose it and with a swift glob of Silicone we never had the problem again.

Plagued us for about 4 winters though.

11-03-2004, 04:32 PM
We had a similiar problem with a noisy line after rain - they came out and replaced the cable from the street to the demarcation point. The guy told me the old cable was prone to cracking and letting moisture in; they now use grease filled cable so even if it does get breached, it will probably still operate OK.

Noel Nosivad
17-03-2004, 07:05 PM
Hey all,

Was hoping someone could explain what this small capacitor looking thing is that was connected on the phone jack.

It has printed on it TEST TERMINATION UNIT, 10015118, 1-1-01. It looks like a capacitor, it has a ceramic sheath over it and the bottom of it is yellow then two wires come from the bottom, a blue and a white wire. It was linked to 1 and 6 on the phone jack.

What is it?

I had the Telco Tech around again, he got the line up, but it's died again. It's getting really frustrating that I'm thinking of replacing all the wires in the house for the phone to make sure it's definitely not my problem.

Noel Nosivad

Peter Coleman
17-03-2004, 09:45 PM
Hi Noel,the TTU is there just for testing purposes for Telecom.When they test from the exchange they can see the TTU and so can tell that the circuit goes all the way to the house.Sometimes hte TTU is put at the point the wire comes in from the house,sometimes in the jack.It doesn't really matter where,or even that it is there at all,it makes no difference as to how the circuit operates.Also,if you are paying wire maintenance,then you shouldn't have to pay to change the wiring,Telecom will pay.That's what it is for.


17-03-2004, 10:43 PM
peter... if the TTU is installed at where it enters the house wouldn't the test only up to the TTU or does the test still test all the way to the jack ?

Noel Nosivad
19-03-2004, 02:37 PM
Hey Peter,

Thanks for the information.

Technician came round, fixed the faulty wire, but didn't remove it. He changed the Master jackpoint to a jackpoint closer to the white box on the front of the house. He then rewired all the jackpoints so they'd work. I guess as long as my phones work I would be happy.

But I'm not... My ADSL filter that was left in one of the jackpoints that the technician worked on went missing. He even said he didn't see it but it's not hard to miss when it was hanging out of the jackpoint. So I'm ringing Cabletalk and complaining. The guy didn't leave no card, so I'm hoping they know who came out and worked on the phones.

Very upset,

Noel Nosivad

Peter Coleman
21-03-2004, 11:07 PM
Hiu Tweak'e,yes the ttu does onlt test to the point of entry.Telecom are doing that because they at some stage want to move to the same system as the power companies,in that they only go to the POE,and anything inside you have to look after yourself.It will be a while yet,but that's what they want.