View Full Version : MS Mouse with IntelliEye hangs PC on boot

21-05-2000, 11:40 PM
The new IntelliEye mouse with a LED
sensor instead of a ball is great, except that it hangs my Laptop on
booting. I have avoided this by plugging in after booting, but is there
a better way?

Things I have already tried....
Loaded the software that came with the mouse. Upgraded the laptop BIOS. Tried using the USB port.
Emailled the local distributor. Complained to Harvey Norman where I
bought the mouse.
How is it that noone else has even tried one? It saves carting around a pad and its much smoother.

Configuration: Acer Travelmate 721TX.
Mouse is connected to PS2 port with
adaptor supplied with the mouse. OS
is NT4.0 SP5.

Description of what happens:
Booting from cold with mouse plugged in is successful and apparently normal but you cannot log in using ctrl-alt-del and the mouse does not respond. Needs a painful cold restart and a chkdsk. Plugging in the mouse after
booting works normally provided I remember. Rebooting through the BIOS causes a hang, so that is what
I suspect is the problem - but is it?