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07-03-2004, 08:55 AM
ok i have been doing a search and have a few questions (like normal)

i am now using word for my main word perfect prog, but have still got Open office on my machine, and works as well.

there is also note and something else , but thats another story.

is it possible (after all the drama of moving to OO) that i can put it all in Word?
as there is not much left on works or OO since the format ages ago, and did a search on pf1 but cannot find what i was looking for, as someone had a good thread on it but dont remember who.
and found some weird ones of my previous postings about the OO thingy.

i would like to save all to Word, from works and OO can i directly export them or is there a possibility i have to change file extension thingys?

i am frustrated with this as when i do a search on my machines looking for a certain folder / file it could be in any prog when in middle of homework, so usually give up.

and if this goes smoothly i would then get rid of OO(open office) as it is still on disk (PC world) and possibly even Works?

thanxs all.
i am lost and waffling badly, if i can explain it any clearer ill let you know.

the hour is too early i think. or need more coffee.......


07-03-2004, 09:08 AM
Hi Beetle
If you only have a few documents in other than Word, open Word, browse to one of those documents. Open it in Word and then use Save As and direct Word to save the document as one of its own. When all saved as Word docs you can then happily uninstall the odd programs you no longer require. Out of interest, which version of Word are you using?

07-03-2004, 09:12 AM
In a nutshell:
You want to remove OpenOffice and convert all the Documents (*.sxw) over to Microsoft Doc (*.doc) format, so you can remove OpenOffice?

I wouldn't assume Microsoft Word has support for OpenOffice documents so the only thing I can suggest would be opening each document then clicking File > Save As and selecting Microsoft Word (.doc) format from the dropdown list.
You can't just go through each file and do a rename from doc1.sxw to doc1.doc as this only changes the suffix of the document, not the properties/encoding of the document itself.

Alternatively you could save them all as Rich Text Format (rtf) and that would mean Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and Lotus Notes (I think you said it was) could read them all without hassles. You could even get WordPad (the underused document editor given by Microsoft to supplement Notepad) to open those documents if they were RTF.


07-03-2004, 09:15 AM
If you ask no questions i tell no lies!.....:p

um well anyway.

Word 97........
its really good to use, much better than my works prog, (which came with my machine) and the free OO one off PC world disk.

and did you answer my the question in Digi cam post ? are you a subscriber to consumer??? cos i cant read that item as i am not..... ?:|


07-03-2004, 09:18 AM

nothing ever seems quick and simple round here,

why cant someone say beetle push this button and it works...... all problems over???

ok will look into it and see what they are saved as, i think i got told to save as RTF last time i asked to move something.?:|