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bk T
06-03-2004, 09:04 PM
I've made two partitions for my Seagate 40 GB HDD, namely C:\ & D:\. There is another 10 GB old HDD, E:\ . I installed OS and Programs in C:\ and D:\ and E:\ are for data and some downloaded files. Everything is working fine until I recently reformatted my C:\.

After reinstalled the OS - XP Pro, and all the bits and pieces, I found that it has detected my partition D:\ as a system disk. I know it is not a system disk as I've never installed anything in it. I wanted to reformat this drive (D:) but the it won't allow me to do so.

Can someone explain why is it so? And, how do I reformat this partition?


06-03-2004, 09:24 PM
for it to detect d: as a system disk I would presume that you've somehow set it as 'active' maybe you need to undo that?

try running fdisk from a 98 boot floppy.....it'll tell you that it cant recognise any C: drive (at least) cause of c being ntfs but dont let that worry you it'll still 'read' enough info to tell you the partition info........better still if you got Partition magic run that from the boot floppies it can provide.....