View Full Version : Very very OT: Those big fights overseas

03-03-2004, 11:12 PM
Im sorry but i thought i might let off some steam!

I get so pissed off with Muslims and the whatnot that keep fighting and suicide bombinb. I was watching the news tonight and i saw people suicide bombing each other. And then the Police over there were Beating up an Ambulance driver because he wouldnt do what they told him to. So they were fighting him and then they shot him in the leg. How F**ckin ludacris is that.
Now im not a religious person but I get really pissed off when i see stuff like this.

It's like "Oh my god my god is better than yours - Die!


SOrry if this offending people but really..

04-03-2004, 10:49 AM
Monsieur le Boef, you have every reason to be angry and frustrated. These are deeply tragic events and so far outside our cultural experience that we cannot make sense of them.

I believe we are badly served by our media. There is a much deeper story to Iraq than we get in 2 minute sound bites. Not all followers of Islam are rabid fanatics. Most aren't but there are a billion or so muslims in the world so naturally we see some extremes.

It is no help to reflect on the Catholic / Protestant killings in civilised Northern Ireland. Except to point out it isn't only muslims who fight.

Why don't the media explain the ethnic and religious differences in Iraq? They tell us they exist in one sentence, but no detail.

The reason we have struggles between human beings is that neither side understands the other. Well, that is a gross generalisation, but fair in many cases.

If we realised just how poor these people are and how religion gives them a focus and meaning to their lives, we might begin to understand their fanaticism. They are simple uneducated people who are susceptible to soaking up simple but harsh ideas.

They see the wealth of the West and out of frustration, envy, want some for themselves or to destroy it. That point of view is regularly espoused by cheerless callers to talkback radio about our own system. You know, everyone else has too much money and is ripping the caller off.

So no suprise that poor people in other counteries want their place in the sun.