View Full Version : Outlook Express - Creating the equiv. of a Header & Footer

John W
03-03-2004, 09:09 PM
How can I create , what in MS Word would be called a Header & Footer, using MS Outlook Express.

I Receive more & more emails with this area being used, almost like a business card.

I dont care about the email text background, like continous wallpaper, white background will do just fine, its the top & bottom I want to add colour to and a few pics/logos.

Thanks.... John.

Susan B
04-03-2004, 09:54 AM
You can create a Signature in Outlook Express that contains the details you require. To do this go to Tools>Options>Signatures>New and type in the details in the Edit Signature box.

Under "Advanced" you can choose which mail accounts to have the signature added to or you can tick the box "Add signatures to all outgoing messages".

Note that if you wish to have formatted text (eg colour, a particular font, etc) or a graphic you will have to create Stationery which can be done using the Stationery wizard under Message>New message using>Select stationery......

OR you can create an HTML file and have that selected for your Signature instead of the plain Text version.

One more thing: you say you require a Header and Footer - just leave sufficent space between your text for your message.

Also remember that not everyone is able to receive HTML emails (which this will be) in which case all they will see is plain text.

04-03-2004, 11:50 AM
Hi John W
I did a quick and dirty version of this......
I use Snagit, a program which enables me to make a .jpg file of any area on the screen. Make two small layouts in Word or Publisher, capture each with Snagit - and save as Header and Footer .jpgs.
On New Message of OE, insert Header, type your script, insert Footer.
Takes moments only. As Susan pointed out - HTML.