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03-03-2004, 05:41 PM
Hi there people,
A small problem for some a huge problem for the mother in law :-) (and now me).

The power disappeared the other week on her when we were having some weather problems in the area.
And when she turned the computer back on all she got was a Dos screen and after AVG anti virus saying "No viruses were found at this time" then the following appears:
C:\> Set Sound=C:\Sound16A
C:\> Set Galaxy=A220 17 D1 K10 P530 T6
C:\> Set Blaster=A220 17 D1 T4


HIMEM.SYS is missing.
Make sure that the file is in your windows directory.


Computer is as follows:
Packard Bell Legend 1128
Windows 98
100 MHz Processor
1.2 GB HDD
32 MB Ram

She has no CDs or floppies for Win 98 as the computer was brought for her (second hand) by one of the family.
Now I have the computer and the task of seeing if I can get it to run again with windows 98.

Cheers merlin-nz ;-)

03-03-2004, 05:52 PM
www.bootdisk.com will hopefully get you a 98 boot floppy

Jen C
03-03-2004, 06:03 PM
I think you are going to need to find someone with a Win98 installation disk (unless you have the cab folders on the HDD) to get a copy of Himen.sys to replace the damaged file.

Read more here: The File C:\Windows\Himem.sys Is Missing or Corrupted (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=296636)

03-03-2004, 09:18 PM
Thanks Jen,

But I think it probaly easier all round if I just install another OS.

I have Win 95 and also a Recovery CD for Me.

Can the recovery ME CD be used or is it only for recovering ME. ?:|

Cheers merlin-nz ;-)

Murray P
03-03-2004, 10:40 PM
The recovery CD is most likely only usefull on the original hardware it was intended for. Go to www.bootdisk.com and download yourself a win98 bootdisc. Should be one there for disaster recovery of system files.

Cheers Murray P

Noel Nosivad
03-03-2004, 10:41 PM
Hey merlin-nz,

Are you sure the files are not on your hard drive? C:\windows\command or c:\windows\options may have a copy of himem.sys in it, although it's been a while working on Win98, if it's the options folder you might need to extract it out of one of those CAB files, which one? I'm not sure, maybe the link that JenC posted may help.

Other method is what MegaMan suggested, but from the Win98 boot disk, you can copy the himem.sys file to c:\windows replacing the either the corrupted or missing file himem.sys.


Noel Nosivad

03-03-2004, 11:12 PM
Hi folks,
Thanks for the replies the computer is out in the workshop at the moment so cannot get to it.

I tried the 98 boot disk earlier and only came out with the A: drive cursor flashing at me, so from that I assume the boot disk didnt work.
And as I am unfamiliar with DOS a flashing A: drive cursor has me stumped badly.

Just have to enquire around town for a copy of win 98, if not that I could always install win 95 I suppose.

cheers merlin-nz ;-)

03-03-2004, 11:40 PM
> I tried the 98 boot disk earlier and only came out
> with the A: drive cursor flashing at me, so from that
> I assume the boot disk didnt work.

Umm...you booted from the A: drive with a boot disk.

If its sitting at A: /> after the boot from the boot disk in A: drive, then its worked.

Noel Nosivad
04-03-2004, 03:57 AM
Hey merlin-nz,

The boot disk boots straight to the command line. the A:\>_

From here, you can do

ren c:\windows\himem.sys c:\windows\himem.sys.bak
copy himem.sys c:\windows

Then just restart the computer and see if that works.

Noel Nosivad