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01-03-2004, 10:50 AM
I was going to post the message below on F1, but decided to send it to a friend in Israel first, (he is a Computer tutor at the local polytechnic) and his reply is at the end and it was totally successful.

I am sending it just in case others may encounter a similar problem...


I have an odd problem and I wonder if anyone has an answer too it

I still run WIN98SE althoug goin to move to XP soon, and I have been a long term user, and fan of NORTONS AV and NORTON SYSTEM WORKS and have purchased updates over the years since the DOS days. Currently using SW 2002 and NAV 2003.

A couple of months ago my computer started Dialing into the net everytime I start up. I have to allow it to proceed and it will DOWNLOAD about 250 - 300k of data.

When I shut down, it briefly tries to connect again before the shutdown systems close this off

I did a lot of tests in MSCONFIG and I found that if I shut down the various NORTON Processes this problem ceases


It doesn't seem to be any one of these processes, I have tried turning off different combinations but it no pattern is obvious.

Of course I ran SPYBOT and ADAWARE and also tried ZONEALARM settings, but the dialinmg process loaded before ZONEALARM is active so was ineffective.

Recently a Friend overseas suggested something I was unaware of.

When it is DOWNLOADING this data, from a prompt I ran NETSTAT and this is what I got

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP q5n6g9:1027 crl.verisign.com:80 ESTABLISHED
TCP q5n6g9:1028 crl.verisign.com:80 ESTABLISHED

www.verisign.com is a valid company providing all sorts of certification services so it would appear that NORTONS is using this, but a hunt of their site does not provide a reference to it.

I am getting so frustrated, I am seriously considering dumping nortons in favor of a competing product.

Any ideas anyone?


My friends reply was....

yes, indeed. apparently, the problem that plagued the entire internet during the first 2 weeks of January has just reached hobbiton


Open internet options, go to the 'advanced' tab and under 'security' UNCHECK the mark next to 'check for publisher's certificate revocation'

This is a (still) temporary workaround untill verisign and symantec pull their heads apart (i.e. stop making an ass of themselves) and come up with a permanent solution.

01-03-2004, 11:34 AM
Thanks for that Tony! I have seen this problem on a few PC's running NAV 2003 and was never able to track down a fix.

I will apply this "workaround" to the next one I come across and hopefully have the same success as you did :)