View Full Version : Installin usb 2 controller card help

29-02-2004, 03:32 PM

My dad bought me a usb2 card overseas.It came with a driver but the drivers are on a mini cd which my computer cannot read.I went to the via site to download the usb2 driver for my computer.Im running windows 98se.
It installed and asked me to restart the computer so I did.Going to system and then evice manager .It showed under universal serial bus

Nec usb open host controller
nec usb open host controller
usb 2.0 root hub
usb root hub
usb root hub
usb root hub
Via pci to usb enhanced host controller
Via tech 3038 pCi to usb universal controller

I tried and plugged my printer into the port
And underneath the universal serial bus controller

There was another thing called usb hp color printer v1.0
IT shouldn't display that.

I have another usb2 controller card install which was installed properly and now working since the cd rom was a proper cd rom

Everytime I start my computer.The computer detects a new hardware and tries to install the via pci usb2 controller card.
But i've already downloaded the driver from the site..Plugging the printer into the new via usb card does not work while the other usb 2 card is working.

How do i resolve this problem?

01-03-2004, 08:18 AM
to stop it trying to install that card over and over again.........just run thru the install.........cliking next next next etc even tho it' wont install properly then after that's done goto device manager and find it........it'll be listed with an error beside it .....goto it's properties then 'disable this device' .........then it wont try to keep installing.......cause you will have 'installed' it but disabled it......