View Full Version : Pixresize problem...

28-02-2004, 08:12 PM
I've just tried Pix-resizer and for some reason it will not start when I press save. This happens in both single and multi print modes. I don't think I've missed anything in the boxes but the "save" box stays grey.
The resizer window is a bit big for my screen and has no restore button but I drag it up with the top bar enough to see the bottom bits...just. I thought that maybe my old 98 is putting it off, but I see in Help that it runs on everything from 95 to xp. I must be missing something so any help would be real good. Ken

29-02-2004, 09:14 AM

yeh it fills my screen a bit too, cant resize either. as for other, click the help button, click contents, and 'how to' and 'additional information. It lists a few things that may causing you problem.

If none of these, apply, at a guess I'd say it either isnt reconising the
format of your images, in which case you might like to change the format
of an image to experiment, or it has developed a glitch. uninstall and download again.

good luck,