View Full Version : Wireless Network Problems - Laptop

Ashley Matthews
27-02-2004, 02:14 PM

I have a Hard Wired Lan at home with 2 computers sharing a JetStream connection attached to a Switch Hub and a Router. Both are in a downstairs room. These computers both are xp 1800's with 512mb ram and run XP Professional. Attached to one of the computers is a USB Wireless 802.11b adaptor allowing my laptop to wirelessly connect to my network... To do this I have bridged the wireless and wired connections on on of the pcs. Usually it is fine and i can connect to the internet/ browse the internet of my wireless laptop (which is usually in the very next room or directly upstairs).

However my problem is.... ocassionally.. once each session i lose connection entirlely usually while browsing the intenet. I have to disable the connection (i.e restart the 802.11b card) and restart it to get the connection back up.... The cards are connecting Ad-hoc, there is no AP...

Any ideas on what is causing this, or how to stop it.