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25-02-2004, 10:06 AM

I've had jetstream for a little over 2 months now and have blown my 500 mb cap twice. Now I don't mind this happening and as I'm on a VPN connection between 2 cities I expect a lot of traffic.

What I do want to know is which programs are using the most traffic so I can be a bit more careful with these.

Are there any programs out there that monitor such a thing?

Any help is appreciated.


25-02-2004, 04:23 PM
Try here.


25-02-2004, 08:18 PM
500 is a joke 2 gigs is reasonable but then telecom are there to make profits

26-02-2004, 10:23 AM
Not much good having a high speed connection if you can't download anything with it. Surely a 3GB cap would not affect their profit too much...I mean Telecom are making substantial surpluses. I'm on Telstra's cable network and the 10GB cap is great, I can download files and surf when I want without fear of excess MB charges. It's juat a shame the cable network has such limited coverage in NZ.

26-02-2004, 11:23 AM
Our school is the same and we were concerned about excess usage.
We downloaded a programme called Webspy and got 30 days trial.
It was amazingly nosey!!
I could see every site that our students (and staff) had visited, what they had downloaded (and how many MBs) what time, what day etc etc.
It allowed us to print comparison reports etc.
Caught the students that were using practically our entire mbs on movie downloads etc!!
Helped us to evalute what to do about it.
Brilliant programme the only down side is the cost of ownership - over $1000!
We were very impressed and will now be able to keep within our limits instead of having to pay extra to "go to the next level"

26-02-2004, 03:45 PM
Thanks for all your input.

I found a little utility at http://itcan.programmer.nl/ that confirms I'm using a shite load of bandwidth.

I've upped my plan from 500 to 1 gig. but at the rate I'm going that will only be half as much as I need per billing cycle.

Anyone know of any alternatives to jetstream, preferably uncapped?

26-02-2004, 04:01 PM
Jetstart is your best bet

26-02-2004, 04:18 PM
Where are you based?

27-02-2004, 09:52 AM
I'm based in Rotorua, so this is probably going to limit my options?

28-02-2004, 09:27 AM
Try here.


while telecom runs their own billing systems by their own usage meter (naturally), we have proven it time and again to be wayyyyyy out.

We got any@web (www.anyatweb.com I think) and it monitors every bit of traffic...Telecom's meter is consistently double what we are actually using.

Watch this space - something's about to hit the fan with us and the big T. Just gotta get time to finish that letter!

Graham L
28-02-2004, 03:26 PM
This might be irrelevant, but it's worth mentioning again/

Some HP multimedia keyboards if used with the original software will use lots of bandwidth. They "call home" frequently, racking up gigabytes. There is a patched version of the driver available.

Dolby Digital
28-02-2004, 04:54 PM
Are these HP keyboards a bit insecure :D

Graham L
29-02-2004, 01:50 PM
[b]"Expensive"/b] seems to be the problem.