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19-02-2004, 02:41 AM
Okay, it was a sensational heading - but I used to be a Journalist....

And during that time, I "did " fires, floods & landslips - over many years.

None of those past experiences helped each time I went back to a house with its owner to see the devastation. Heart-breaking every time....

That's because I found certain things are so totally personal to us - in terms of what we miss the most - that there are no rules.

(Some philosphically wear the loss of a house, provided they have the photo albums.....or the cat/dog.)

So I sympathise with those who lost not only their treasures but also their livelihoods - like the dairy farmers with dead cows or those they can't find -or having milked, have to pour it away.

As Press F1 covers a wide spectrum of this country, I assume some of our members are currently suffering from this -even if the city dwellers can sit tight?

Let us know, if so.

19-02-2004, 02:47 AM
Suddenly realised - this was supposed to be named Off Topic.

Don't know how to change it new (No editing facility afterwards, alas)

19-02-2004, 07:14 AM
Hi Laura,

well we are city dwellers, who got off relatively lightly, we never lost power, but we did have a damaged roof which in the weekend saw hubby up in the bad weather on the 2nd story roof fixing it, with borrowed ladder from a friend. and some broken trees on our property.

we have very close friends in fielding who we have not managed to contact so are worried about that,
my parents lost their power for nearly 2 days, here in Wanganui, and we have been inundated by stranded people staying here at Motel, while Motels round the corner have no power or tv reception on Monday.

but the main concern i have is when my Brother gets home, which will probably be end of next week at this rate into the Waitoara Valley which is still cut off, as he was in town when the storm hit and has been stranded here, and fears the worst and worries about his stock that will need checking (hill country / deep valley's) and the flooding whether this time it took out his woolshed again.... and catle yards and how our bridge is to access the farm has lasted. the last big flood up there was 1990, and it was devistating then and almost crippled him and a lot of other people as well in that district. If he has major loss's animal wise, who knows what the future will bring, My eldest Nephew is still up there, and is raiding his dads house for food, they have plenty of tank water, but unknown about power due to no phones.
the last time this happened i went up to see it a week later, with my Dad as it was the family farm, that is the closest i have ever seen my Dad to tears, for all the years of toil on this farm when they have put there heart and soul into it to see it destroyed beyound recognition was wrenching to see.

The main thing i see is people working together, no lives lost at this point, and an attitude of just get on with it, we have lives to repair.

I also think Well Done to the tireless workers behind the scene's. the Power people, fire, police, and army and just the general joe bloggs in the world willing to help and save others.

we dont really know how lucky we are till something like this happens to show us what is truely important, and that is each other.

sorry for the waffle.


19-02-2004, 07:31 AM
I know a few folk in Feilding and they are shattered. Tried to get hold of freinds, an older couple, who backs on to a stream but still no luck yet. What is a peeve is there are "rubber neckers" getting in the way of the folk trying to help out. Just heard on the news that this arvo is going to be bad rain wise, Saturday as well, so what clean up so far may have been a wasted effort. It's going to take time, but this is a time when folk pull together and muck in hah.

19-02-2004, 08:10 AM
My heart goes out to your brother, Beetle, because the only thing that's worse for a farmer than seeing the stock in danger is not knowing what's happening... and worrying about how bad it might be...

As you said, it's a time when everyone does pull together, though - and we're grateful for all the hard workers out there who are fighting what Nature has decided to throw down ....maybe just to show us that the weather is one thing we humans can't control yet, no matter how smart we think we are.

19-02-2004, 08:57 AM
I live next door to a stream,that rose about 4 metres and burst its banks,turned my yard into a 4 foot deep swimming pool,also flooded about 7 other sections in my area,ended up with civil defence everywhere,cops,firemen,council and about 100 odd people out on the street.

had to move everything out of the shed,stacked all the house contents up on tables,sandbagged all the doors,sent the wife around to her mums,then one of the lads grabbed 3 doz tui and we stood out on the road and had a few as we waited to see how high the water got.

At about that time the holmes reporter arrived and we done an interview,which never made it on tv.

Waters recedded about 9 hours later and we returned to the house,luckily she was complety dry,although smelly from all the water underneath,the shed and sleepout is in a sorry state though.

Got off easy as far as im concerned,,what was happening elsewhere was devastating.The scale of destruction around the country is mindblowing.

19-02-2004, 11:33 AM
If your house had been flooded, your farm under water, stock dying, personal posessions destroyed etc etc etc......

Do you really think you'd be sitting at a PC Help forum talking about it?

I imagine most of them will still be up to their knees in silt/sewage/water cleaning it up.

Chris Randal
19-02-2004, 11:53 AM
And without power?

19-02-2004, 02:50 PM
I have always wondered why farmers get distressed on tv when they lose stock for other than for financial reasons. Because even dairy cows get carted away to get killed by death.
Dont flame me as a city slicker. I am a farmers son from Eastern North West Nelson.


19-02-2004, 03:26 PM
Well folks its started persisting down (real hard) again in the Manuwatu. ANZ are taking donations for flood releif. 0900922922 for a phone donation, will be placed on your next bill. Any little thing will help the folk that need it............

19-02-2004, 03:37 PM
hmm just started raining again here in west auckland.

:-D I didnt get flooded

Dolby Digital
19-02-2004, 03:48 PM
City Folks in Lower Hutt got flooded out. Our friends lost most of their possessions (no insurance - but we won't go into that). The house is rented so the owner will be more concerned from an ownership point of view. About 1,000 people in Lower Hutt had to be evacuated. Most are back except for the more serious flooding cases.

19-02-2004, 03:48 PM
> Because even dairy cows get carted away to
> get killed by death.

Is there another way to get killed, apart from "by death"?

No cows were injured in the posting of this thread.

19-02-2004, 03:53 PM
That wasn't necessary, ilikelinux. It's not really cynical humour that the people affected want.

19-02-2004, 03:56 PM
> > Because even dairy cows get carted away to
> > get killed by death.
> Is there another way to get killed, apart from "by
> death"?
> No cows were injured in the posting of this
> thread.

Maybe be was just being "cockey" , coming from a farming background and all!

19-02-2004, 04:37 PM
> That wasn't necessary, ilikelinux. It's not really cynical humour that the people affected want.

Sorry for any body that i offended.

19-02-2004, 07:20 PM
Hi all, yes i am coming to you from the midst of things, we are in rural Feilding, lucky enough to be high up though, which has meant the house hasn't been flooded - Yet... Even though we are probably only a km or so from the Oroua River, we are high on top of the river bed cliff. However, we have been without power and phone, the phone has only just come back now(for how long i don't know?and very slooow internet conn.), power yesterday, the roads in and out are either flooded, slips or the bridges totalled. It is a real sad & worrying time for the Manawatu. So i am counting us luckier than most! My parents live in a rural beach community that was evacuated, as the whole town flooded - we have been anxiously awaiting messages of how they are etc... at least they are safe anyway thats the main thing, they had to leave pets and all belongings behind, as the towns evacuation happened so fast and was so unexpected i.e it is not a place that has "ever" flooded to my knowledge. We saw my Mothers neighbors home (few houses down from her) on t.v/Holmes and it was totally surrounded/emerged by water, however she was hopeful it didn't get "into" the house - didn't look good on that front though. We got a message last night that Mum was allowed back into the town and that her house had been surronded by water - But it is sounding like it may not have quite got "inside" and that she has found her Cat & her Doves are o.k. I just can't wait to hear from her personally again though and be able to get out and help with the cleanup etc... The spirit amongst the community is great though, and everybody is helping where possible. The farming community is being hit hard around here, but its amazing to see them all pulling together, just amazing. It is unbelievable to see the damage that has been inflicted to the area, just unbelievable...
We are all just praying that this new stormy front that is supposed to be coming won't eventuate... as the community just can't take any more!
As i sit here looking out over Feilding in the distance, it is looking very black in the skies over there. At least we have had a relatively rain free day today so that may help.

So to all those people affected - my thoughts and sympathies are with you for your losses and Hope that you all stay safe.

Some pics of the community can be found
Here (http://www.mdc.govt.nz/asp/gallery1.asp)

Greg S
19-02-2004, 08:16 PM
> Is there another way to get killed, apart from "by
> death"?
> No cows were injured in the posting of this
> thread.


19-02-2004, 08:45 PM
me lives in the big city and didnt get flooded

but our dogs got the $h!t scared out of themselves as teh storm went right over us.AND I COULDN"T HEAR THE KATH AND KIM DVD

but after it the weather has been lovely. a few sun showers late this afternoon, but otherwise fine

but at least the hydro lakes wont be on the brink of empty ;) and the farmers' fields got a fair bit of water

but as far as i know there was no flooding out in oxford (cantabrians will lnow where i mean), however there was enough rain to get the fields green again

so where i live all was good, but i hope teh best for all those that wern't so lucky


19-02-2004, 09:12 PM
I'm from South Taranaki - about 40mins from wanganui.
We're all right hear at the moment - re: flooding - nothing major, just BIG puddles!.
But we've had ALOT of power cuts, on off, on off etc.

Also - my dad manage's a freezing works in Bulls - on the first day of all the rain - only 8 out of 250 people turned up for work - rest were either saving stuff, cleaning up, or couldn't get to work - becuase of roads!

19-02-2004, 09:30 PM

Thats got to be a blessing, no disguise required :D

19-02-2004, 10:08 PM
Yes, Ab Fab is far better ;)

In light of my previous post in this thread, I might have over-reacted somewhat. :|

20-02-2004, 03:20 PM
> Thats got to be a blessing, no disguise required :D

oooh bad thing to say


20-02-2004, 10:00 PM
Hi ya,

just another update here.

my brother got so desperate he went and bought a motor bike (2nd habd farm bike) and has managed to ride this up the blocked road to his farm this morning taking how many hours we are not certain. he took enough food for himself for a couple of days, and have just heard that the road has been blocked / closed more so than before due to new slipping, and the river is flooding again due to the rain we have had, so the forcast is not good and where this water will end up is any ones guessand what other damage it can do ?????

a major amount of power poles and telephone poles is missing up this valley, replacing them is becoming difficult as great sections are gone, poles and wire - lines making it a nightmare for the power people, the frustration levels for these guys is very high, in their quest to get the power back on.
they have done a fantastic job so far.

and the wind on Monday peaked at approx 150 k's and reports and forcasts tonight wire the wire / satelite and local power watch is forecasting it to get up to at least 140 k's and more rain is forecast.

so every one be prepared, sit tight and hope for the best.

it cant get much worse can it?


21-02-2004, 08:10 AM
it could get worse

you could have no internet at all, and you couldn't get pressf1

but i hope the best for you, and all the others that got struck major


Poppa John
21-02-2004, 10:19 AM
Also in Wanganui. I guess we were lucky, no serious problems on our section. Six Sunlowers & twelve Sweetcorn plants gave up the ghost & laid down. A house up the street by the same creek as Metla had two huge trees come down, feet were in the creek. Fortunatly only the leafy tops hit the house. Big cleanup there this last couple of days.
Beautiful Wanganui looks somewhat dishevelled at the moment, but I am sure it will all "come right". Getting ready for the next big blow tonight!!! To all those who are suffering what can one say??? I say "KEEP SMILING & BE HAPPY" Good Fortune be with you. PJ