View Full Version : IE5 default mail programmes

12-05-2000, 11:44 AM
I have just had set up a new system with IE5 as the browser. I like to use Pegasus Mail as my mail programme and successfully selected it in the tools/internet options/programmes settings. Things worked fine for a few days but for some reason now when I click the mail button from explorer, it opens Outlook instead. Pegasus does not even appear as an option to choose, nor does Outlook Express - only Outlook is listed (Outlook Express is selected as newsgroup reader though).

Although I can launch Pegasus indepenendantly I would really like to set it back up so IE willl open Pegasus as its mail programme.

Anyone able to shed any light on this and what I should do?

System - Celeron 500, 128 MB RAM, 13 GB HDD, Win 95, IE5, Office Professional 97.

Cheers - Derek