View Full Version : Internet Explorer causing problems.

11-05-2000, 09:13 PM
For the internet I use IE 5.0. My machine is running windows 98 se, I have 128 MB, and a PIII 450. With IE i keep getting this error messages
'There was an internal error and one of the windows you were using will be closed. It is recommended that you save your work, close all programs and then restart your computer'

Normaly when this error message comes up I have one or more IE windows open. Sometimes it will close one windows and other times it will close windows explorer and IE down. If it just closes one window I can noramaly contune working with out any problems. If it closes all windows explorer I can contune working, but not always.

I have check out Microsofts home page regarding this problem and I can not find anything that would help regarding it. I did find one article but that was of no use. The program that it says is causing the problem is not installed on my machine. I have run the option of fixing IE which will only fix it for a short time only. Then it would come back. And I have reinstalled windows.

I did think that it might be a hardware problem as I have had it with my old machine, but that was not the case. over the last year I have upgraded my machine from a P166MMX to the machine listed above. The motherbrd/ram/video card/hard drive/case/sound card have all been replaced. Not that any of them would have any effect on the problem, but we are talking about windows and hey one never knows.

I have worked with computers for 5 years + and I have aksed everyone that I worked with, as well as frineds but none of them have the answer. I could ring helpdesk at work but then I would be talking to myself.

Anyway that is enough dribble from me, but I do hope that you can spreed some light on this problem.


Mark C