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09-02-2004, 12:44 AM
Watcha Peeps!
I have just been told that if I was to place a TV tuner card in my Windows 98 SE machine that Windows 98 SE itself actually comes with the ability to transmogrify the channels to get Sky!
Does any one know if this is correct??? :o
I have tried to do some research in to this but really the next question is where to start? What the heck do you type in to Google (or any search engine for that matter)? ?:|
"Windows 98SE to Sky converter" or something like that I guess! :p

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated as I'm, er, doing research for my BA in Master Criminology of Thieving of Wireless Communications Via Aerials, Wireless Networks, Microdishes, Dishwashers or Anything Else That Can Send Or Receive Messages (may have to revise my choice of BA title I think! :D )

Of course, it goes with out saying that I do not condone the use of this, but my research DEMANDS that I MUST find out about it, and you people seem to be the best :)

Many regards,

The Cell
(not wanting to see Sky on my computer at all! ;\ )

09-02-2004, 12:50 AM
There's a few things:
Legal issues
Moral issues
Getting a compatible Tuner

Here's a step in the right direction:

It'd be wise to ask no more though.


09-02-2004, 01:16 AM
Er, opps! Yes sorry a little naive. :8}

Guess I'll leave it to the powers that be to stop this thread as it's just been, how shall I say, 'explained' to me via a phone call from a mate confirming what you say young C_S.

Many apologies.

Dropping the subject now.


The Cell

PS, They don't come round late at night do they!!! ?:| :_|

PPS I do subscribe to Sky Digital :D

12-02-2004, 12:23 AM
I thank you for that. Promise not to check it tho'! :D

Ask what? I've forgotten already being here! ;-)


The Cell

12-02-2004, 07:58 AM
The law forgets nothing in a forum where all threads (unless they've been deleted) are publicly available for viewing.

The rules of this forum state quite clearly that topics involving skirting around Sky's encryption is not permitted. It is unethical, illegal, and more, to actually try this. The law does not permit for "24 hour trials" either.