View Full Version : Asus V3800 in Win2k (No TV/OUT)

10-05-2000, 10:40 AM
I have an Asus V3800 Ultra Deluxe card. I Can not get this card to perform Tv/out in Win2k. I am currently using the latest Asus drivers (3.75) and the TV option can not even be selected (it appears not to exist).
I also found out the latest drivers (3.79)do not work in Win98SE but the rev 2.09 drivers will work in Win98SE. In this case the signal is sent to the TV, but the screen flickers and is black.
Is Asus clueless when it comes to writing drivers or am I missing something here.
A note when booting without the monitor attached: You can see the POST and the graphics on the TV until the OS changes video modes ..at that point the TV goes blank and you have to plug in the monitor.

Abit BX6 2.0 system board
3c509 NIC
Asus V3800U Deluxe Video card
Celeron 533 CPU
256 megs of generic RAM
USR 33k6 internal modem

Software: 98SE/2k dual boot config on separate partitions (fat16 for 98 and ntfs for 2k)

All devices have the latest firmware. No resources seem to have conflictions. everything works fine except for this one problem. Please help!!


Jody DeMill