View Full Version : Anyone else had difficulty getting refund from Paradise?

28-01-2004, 10:40 PM

I changed ISPs from Paradise to Orcon on 5th Dec. My account was $40 in credit - up to 26 Dec payment period.

It was a mission to cancel, as when I emailed them to cancel it they said I had to cancel my account on the members page. I tried and couldn't find where, and let them know that.

They responded in a way that sounded as if they were saying I wasn't looking too hard.

I replied saying that I cannot find the cancel your account link. Their response:

Hi there,

Due to the fact you have got a Jetstart connection, you want be able to see via our members section, on your account status. I'm afraid that you will have to wait for a reply from our accounts department.

So I waited....

I emailed Paradise again a few days later and got an auto response, saying they would be in contact within 48 hours. On 13th Dec I received a reply saying they would credit it to our account in 10 days.

Nothing appeared so on 9th Jan I emailed again - got the auto reply, but nothing else. :(


Has anyone got any suggestions? The kids say they are hungry and I am blaming Paradise for our shortage of funds.


28-01-2004, 10:44 PM
If the kids are hungry why do you have JETSTART??? :? lol

28-01-2004, 10:51 PM
ok in my short term business owning experience i have learnt that reefunds dont make money for people, they hang on to it as long as possible, and unless threatened with legal action at times, you dont see it ever again.

i dont do auto payments for net use, not sure why really, have so many other auto payment things coming out of the accounts another one seems such a hassle, and as our phone bills are not consistant it is easier to pay by cheque,
so just pay net and phone at same time easy.

but the automated way is the way of the future so then you dont have to talk to the grumpy customers wanting a refund, not that i have ever had to give a refund for work or services rendered here?

best of luck Jester, sounds like youll need it.


28-01-2004, 11:03 PM
Thanks Beetle. We pay nearly all our bills by AP, and most are in credit as we pay a little more than needed. It gives us breathing space at Xmas etc. I can understand where businesses stand on refunds, but having that money is a liability to them, although the interest while they hold it could compensate.

This week is hard with uniforms, school fees, stationery and all the notices the little sweethearts have brought home today with info about sports/music/camps they want to participate in :|

They aren't going hungry either, they eat us out of house and home! Jetstart is cheaper than a second line too, as we use the net for work stuff and wife's uni/study/student union affairs and it tied up the phone too much on dial up.

Ah well, I think I will ring them tommorrow.


29-01-2004, 12:14 AM
Ahh I tried this a few months ago when wanting to change account usernames. Had to close the old account and make a complete new one.

Anyway ring the help desk and ask them to cancel the account, and ask to pay that money they owe you back. They'll likely send you a check. :)

Good luck :)