View Full Version : Netscape won't go away

07-05-2000, 02:04 PM
I used to have Netscape Communicator and Gold installed but thought I removed them.

I now use Internet Explorer.

Every html page I save, saves itself and displays a netscape icon. When I click on the icon I get the box that reads:

Program not found.....windows cannot find NETSCAPE.EXE This program is needed for opening files of type 'Netscape Hypertext document' location of NETSCAPE.EXE (box displayed then 3 buttons - ok, cancel, locate).

I have tried to remove what is left of Netscape by using my uninstall facility but when I click on Netscape and try to remove it I get the following message:

Unable to locate the installation log file. 'C:\navigator\DelsL.' Uninstallation will not continue.

I use Windows 98 and my PC has 64 mb and is an MMX Pentium.

I hope you can help.