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26-01-2004, 08:49 AM
I've checked all the previous posts on this topic, and none seem to answer my question.
The DVDs I play in my computer are now so quiet when there is dialogue I can barely hear it. However, the volume is more than adequate for the rest of the soundtrack. I'm using an ASUS DVD ROM, with the bundled ASUS (WIN) DVD program. I had the DIVX codecs installed as well, so I thought they might have been conflicting, but after a fresh install of Windows XP, the problem is still there. I've tried demos of PowerDVD 5 and WinDVD 5 (or 4, not sure), and the same problem exists. I'm fairly sure its not a codec issue, so I'm wondering if its a sound card issue. I've tried two, both fairly low-budget old ISA cards - ones an ESS AudioDrive, the other is a Genius 3DX2 (I think), and the same problem remains. The sound has never been great, but not as bad as this.

I thought a new sound card might resolve this. Can anyone give me any advice on this? I don't want to spend money on a new card if it won't fix the problem.

On a related note, I know that OEM usually means it's hardware or software supplied with a new computer, but if a retailer has both an OEM and a retail version of a sound card, is it possible to buy the OEM version by itself?


26-01-2004, 10:46 AM
what speaker setup do you have ?? eg 2 speakers or 5.1??

whats the dvd program speakers set to?

does it have a compression optoin?

26-01-2004, 10:56 AM
> what speaker setup do you have ?? eg 2 speakers or
> 5.1??

I had it running through an old home stereo system, but the speakers gave up the ghost, so I reverted to the standard 2 speaker setup that came with the computer.

> whats the dvd program speakers set to?

When I had the Genius sound card installed, the sound options were between Stereo and Mono two-speaker setups. Neither made a difference. There was a 5.1 option, but it was greyed out. When I reverted to the ESS audiodrive, it didn't offer any options for the sound setup.

> does it have a compression optoin?

Not that I could tell. I presume you mean within the DVD software?

Coincidentally, the sound of MP3s is odd as well, with bass and treble missing. The sound is much tinnier (regardless of the speakers I used)
than it used to be.

Any other ideas?