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25-01-2004, 02:50 PM
Hi, I have WinMe and I am wanting to prevent a Windows warning message.

I have a shortcut to a MSDOS based program that gets a message titled "Program Requires MS-DOS Mode" when it starts and states the program may not run well unless its in DOS mode and would I like to change the shortcut. If I say yes to this message then the program wont run at all as real MSDOS mode is not in WinMe.

The program actually runs fine with no problems and all that I want to do is supress this message as its very annoying. I have tried the obvious such as ensuring the option to prevent the MSDOS based program from detecting Windows is checked.

I had a look in the registry and I see some programs have a key entitled "Prevent Program Requires MS-DOS Mode Warning" or "Program Requires MS-DOS Mode" but nothing under Bat files.

It obviously can be done but I dont know what registry key to amend/add or the value it should be. Any ideas? Im a bit tentative to just copy the values of a key and see what happens as I dont particularly want to invoke a crash or worse.


Terry Porritt
25-01-2004, 05:07 PM
Maybe the best answer with win ME is to put the DOS back, or rather make it visible again. It is there Microsoft just tries to hide it and deny it exists :)

Have a look at these sites which tell you how:




25-01-2004, 05:27 PM
Thanks Terry, I thought real DOS was goneburger in WinMe so thats good to know how to return it. Trouble is I dont think this will solve the problem as I just want to use the DOS Shell not real DOS mode.

I think the issue is that the checkbox to prevent the DOS program seeing Windows isnt working (or not correctly) and thats why the message appears. Perhaps if DOS is returned then it will suddenly work but I doubt it.

Thanks for the suggestion. :-)