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06-05-2000, 06:18 PM
I have a Rockwell ACF II 56k voice+data+fax modem on COM Port 3 of my aging but reliable PC General 486 pentium/100mhz. When I shut the PC down, it seems to lose the modem links. I have to reboot, go into controlpanel/modem, remove all the modems installed and then reinstall using a Hayes V-series Ultrasmart 14400. It detects the Rockwell OK, but installs the Hayes on Com Port 2. Then I log on and it works, but says I have 2 modems one on com port 2 and one on com port 3. Diagnostics then says both are working!! As long as I keep doing this it works but it is laborious. Have I lost the drivers somehow for the Rockwell? Until about two weeks ago when I had a hanging boot up it was working fine. I seem to also have lost the install disc for the Rockwell. Can you help? Much appreciated if you can.

Alan Wheatley
Wellington NZ