View Full Version : Talkworks Pro, Dynalink modem, Distinctive Ring

05-05-2000, 11:43 AM
I have a problem with distinctive ring setup using Windows 98SE, Dynalink V1456VQH-R5 modem and Talkworks Pro 3.0
- the problem is: after a 'fax number' ring, the following call is answered by (I think)Windows TAPI software with a fax-answering-like squeal. Distinctive ring was working well with the Bitware software supplied with the modem prior to Talkworks installation. But I think the installation of the Bitware has firmly altered (despite uninstall installing Bitware)the Windows TAPI or registry setup. I have contacted Dynalink(NZ) and Symantec(USA) but a I am left standed. Caller ID is working fine under Talkworks PRO 3.0 by the way and as far as I can see all else works fine apart from this bug. I would really like to use Talkworks but have re-installed the Bitware meantime (and it is working).
Any ideas, anybody?