View Full Version : How do I replace the OLEAUT.32.Dll File in the windows system folder

19-01-2004, 12:36 AM
Please can you tell me how to replace a OLEAUT.32.Dll file into
windows system folder that is giving me error messages and
continuously shutting down internet Explorer.
I have a replacement copy of the file but windows wont let me replace one with the
other. Thanks

19-01-2004, 07:03 AM
Copy the backup OLEAUT.32 DLL into the same folder as the current one causing problems but name it (the backup) OLEAUT.32.bkp (are you sure there's a dot between OLEAUT and the 32?) After that make a directory called backup (or whatever you want to call it really).

From there, you'll have to boot up in Command Prompt - on booting your machine press and hold F5 before you see the Windows Splash Screen (might be different on XP ?:|) and this will bring up a menu somewhat like:
1 - Microsoft Windows
2 - Microsoft Windows Safe Mode
5 - Command Prompt

Select command prompt and your machine will boot up into MSDOS.
For the purpose of this I'm going to assume that C:\Windows is the directory holding OLEAUT

From there it's just a matter of doing the following (with the exception of stuff in brackets which are the sidenotes).
c:\ (this selects C: Drive as the drive you are working with if this isn't set already)
cd c:\windows\ (this moves to the Windows directory)
move OLEAUT.32.DLL backup\OLEAUT.32.DLL (move the current OLEAUT into the backup directory should the problems occur)
move OLEAUT.32.BKP OLEAUT.32.DLL (move the backup file of OLEAUT into the position of the real one). If that doesn't work (you can't move a file and change the name) then use:

That should do the trick. The reason for keeping a backup of the current DLL is should anything go wrong you can always recover it.


19-01-2004, 04:13 PM
not sure about xp cause I havwen't played with the function much but in win98 you clik startbutton then run
then type in SFC and hit enter
this will giv4e you the 'system file checker' program which you will see has a built in function to extract single files from the setup folder on the cd or your harddrive it's very simple to use