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16-01-2004, 09:32 PM
PC sometimes won't cool boot-up. Wanted to update bios to solve problem. i440Lx-BD-2A69JD4EC-00 - how to flash bios if update has been downloaded?

17-01-2004, 06:37 AM
Hi h.ong, and welcome to PressF1.

You will have to follow the instructions on the manufacturers website on how to flash the BIOS, as the instructions will vary from brand to brand.

Graham L
17-01-2004, 01:33 PM
If the system won't cold start sometimes, that is far more likely to be a hardware problem.

Does the motherboard manufacturer say that this is a known BIOS problem, fixable with the new version?

If it's not, you might take the risk of making the board totally unusable for no benefit. Accidents happen. ;-) (A power flick during the flashing can be disastrous).