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13-01-2004, 04:46 PM
I have an HP-compaq laptop NX9005 which has an Athlon XP2000+ mobile processor, 192M of RAM, DVD/CD-RW drive, 40GB hard-drive and runs Windows XP Pro. When I'm in the office I'm linked to a server which manages our point of purchase software and runs email etc.

I have two issues which are a pain in the butt - the first is that the laptop seems to be misreporting the processor speed as 513Mhz - whilst it doesn't appear to be affecting performance it does have a bearing when trying to load some software packages - I've had two now that have reported during setup 'Your processor speed is only 513MHz, this program needs at least 833MHz' - at this point setup automatically shuts down. Any advice gratefully acknowledged...

The second issue is one that has occured in Microsoft Outlook 2002. I decided to have a tidy up of my contacts and was happily reviewing and deleting old ones when I came across 2 contacts that gave this message when I tried to delete them - "The item could not be deleted. it was either moved or already deleted, or access was denied". I thought initially that it had something to do with my server settings so I got our resident IT man on the job but alas it has him perplexed as well. It wouldn't be that much of a problem normally but I also use an Ipaq HP1940 and now it wont synchronise these two items and nothing I do can resolve the conflict it produces.

13-01-2004, 05:02 PM
The speed issue will likely be related to the "speedstep" feature of the AMD Mobile chip, where is steps the speed down to conserve power and reduce heating on the laptop.

I am unsure how/if you disable it as I do not use AMD in my laptop.