View Full Version : Modem / Soundcard System Crash

01-05-2000, 07:59 PM
I've just bought a Celeron 500 with a Motorola SM56 modem and a Yamaha DS-XG sound card and the system hangs quite often.

I virtually always happens just after I've disconnected from the 'net - the soundcard hands (keeps repeating the same 1/2 second of sound over and over) and I can normally do everything else normally (save, close, etc.) and when I go to Start Menu|Shut Down|Restart the whole system hangs. CTRL+ALT+DEL informs me that mmtask is not responding and when I click 'End Task' the computer freezes and I have to manually reboot.

That's the usual case, although it hangs sometimes when I'm closing a program before trying to restart. It's really confusing and very annoying!

Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers David