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31-12-2003, 05:39 AM
Greetings all,

Been in the market for a DVD-Writer for some time now, and just need some confirmation before I go out and buy anything (which I'm hoping to do shortly).

Most people I've interrogated seem to say that Pioneer is top as far as DVD Writers go, although Sony may be a little bit ahead of them. Others say that it depends on the use of the drive and what type of media you're going to be feeding it.

Well, main use is going to be storage, I've used up all 160GB on my computer, but still want to keep all of it. I don't want any coasters! Eventually, I'm sure I'll be moving on to making some movies and feeding them into the DVD Player in the living room.

What is DVD-RAM and is it worth the extra money? Do all players support it?

Why is the Pioneer DVR-A06 (the one I'm looking at) about $275, when the LiteOn 411S which does the exact same write speeds is $50 cheaper?

Is it possible to copy DVDs just like we do with CDs? As in, put the DVD into a DVD-ROM, place the media in the writer and let it go? Or is there a variation of this that I am not aware of?

Now, there are plenty of questions in there... and also can I have some feedback from those of you with the DVD Writers and what your verdict is on that particular model? Recommendations on what to get?

Better stop here, I doubt many of you will read this far... :P

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31-12-2003, 08:43 AM
Don't agonise forever! Probably any of the modern +/- drives will work just fine. If you like the A06 buy it. Anyway, googling for dvd writer reviews will give plenty of info. Another factor is the software that comes with the drive but this is pretty difficult to weigh up without going to a lot of effort to find out about the various offerings.

No, you can't just "disk copy" dvds if you mean commercial film products. These are double sided and your writer is only single-sided. In addition, the commercial products are encoded, however there are progs out there to decode these. To sum up, with the right tools and knowhow you can get copies but it is not that easy (or legal!).

So, just go and buy one!!! It is a long time since coasters were a common by-product.

31-12-2003, 09:03 AM
in the november issue of pcworld - on pg 107 - there was a brief article outlining some stuff about dvd writers

31-12-2003, 09:45 AM
I have a liteon 411 and it works ok nero works well on it and you can get progs to back up your dvds free online as well.
the pioneer burner is better chice for older standalone dvdplayers that use dvd-r etc newer ones can read dvd+rw now which are the best thing to use when learning as they can be rewritten to 1000x in case of errors