View Full Version : Server software and setup for a small business

28-04-2000, 11:50 AM
I am looking to set up a server for a small business. We have a 3-4 yr old Compaq server which was acquired second hand with all software removed. Currently we have all our PC's (10) hooked up via hubs which is working fine to share information between PCs. We would like to set up the server for central file storage (server has tape backup) and mail (currently running jetstream with 10 seperate internet connections -aaagh!). Basically just want to plug the server into the hub, but I'd like any advice on the best software, running philosophy (RAID1 etc) to employ. Main requirments being file storage security, and improved internet email.

Server is Compaq Proliant 1500 server - P100, 64MHz, 4x4GB HD's. PC's are all at least P100's running Windows 98.