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27-04-2000, 03:39 PM
I installed a statistics program (called Statistica) on my PII/Win95 system and the program took over my screensaver files. The program has a file type called Statistica Scrollsheet which uses the SCR extension, the same as screensavers use. Installing the program redefined all my screensaver files (those that came with Windows plus some of my own screensaver files) to the Statistica Scrollsheet file type. If I select a screensaver in Control Panel>Display>Screensaver, the Statistica program launches. I have since uninstalled the program and manually removed several Statistica file types that had been created, including the SCR file type. I have added back the screen saver file type using My Computer>View>Options>File Types. I have entered in the Action for 'Install', which is:
C:\WINDOWS\rundll32.exe desk.cpl,InstallScreenSaver %l
(I found this command on several other computers whose screensavers work normally). There are supposed to be two other Actions, Configure and Test. The computer won't accept the commands for these two Actions when I try to enter these Actions, again copying from other working computers. The Configure Action should read '%1' and the Test Action should read '%1 /S' (both with the quotes). The computer won't accept either of these two Actions.

That was long winded, but now to my problem. I can view a screensaver by double clicking the file in Windows>System folder. But I cannot get the screensaver feature to be activated, ie, via Control Panel> Display> Screensaver. Each time I select a screensaver file from the pull down menu, it allows it but then the next time I reboot the computer, this window opens up (the Display> Screensavers window) and [none] is selected.

I like to have a screensaver because I password it and have it in my windows startup menu so that it activates at startup and prevents others from accessing my computer.

Thank you for your help.
Tasha, Auckland