View Full Version : Linux kernel 2.6 USB 802.11b support?

25-12-2003, 06:47 PM

Now that linux kernel 2.6 is out, I've read that it supports wireless stuff and USB things better.

Now I've got a Prism 2.0 USB 802.11b wireless adapter (made by Tranzeo I think). I get all my [broadband] internet through this, so once I get it working on Linux I can start using Linux properly and spend less time on Windows.

Will it work with a few configuration option changes in the next version of Mandrake (which will probably have kernel 2.6), or will I have to spend a few days trying to get it to work with the linux-wlang thing and be unsuccesful (again)?

Anyway when do you think they will iron out the CD-Burning buggies?


25-12-2003, 08:01 PM
Apparently ATAPI Burning has been supported in the 2.4 kernel for a while now and so nobody should _really_ need to use ide-scsi emulation anymore.

You may need to re-compile the kernel anyways so you can add 802.11b support, as I doubt it'll be included by default.

If that's the case, why wait for the next release of Fedora/Mandrake etc when you can get started over the holidays now :-)