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19-12-2003, 07:29 AM
I have a problem with a news web site www.sunderland-echo.co.uk
Of late, when I click on this site it only shows old news and not the current days news.
Have contacted the web site and they suggested clearing out web cache.
I removed all temporary internet files/cookies etc but this hasn't solved the problem. I am only experiencing difficulty with this one site, all others ie CNN news ,work fine.I am using Win XP Pro. Does anybody have any advice to offer ?
Thanks, Peterver.

19-12-2003, 08:08 AM
They may be right. I can receive the latest news ,no trouble.

Mark Veldhuizen
19-12-2003, 08:39 AM
Try ctrl-F5 (hard refresh)

Susan B
19-12-2003, 10:00 AM
If you are using Internet Explorer have a look in Tools>Options>General>Settings and ensure that it is set to check for newer versions every visit to page.

Graham L
19-12-2003, 11:14 AM
No news is good news, so old news should be better. It's had time to mature. :D

20-12-2003, 07:48 AM
Mark V. Thanks for your suggestion have tried it but no success. Have noticed that one of the pictures on front page is not loading,leaving just a blank space,this may provide a further clue. Peterver

20-12-2003, 07:51 AM
Susan B. Thankyou for your suggestion have tried this but no luck unfortunately. It is all very mysterious. Cheers Peterver

20-12-2003, 08:14 AM
Hi Peterver,

What ISP are you with? Do you think they could be routing traffic through a proxy which is why its doing that?

What happens if you try it with another browser such as MozillaFirebird?

20-12-2003, 09:24 PM
Thanks to all of you that supplied advice , the problem has been solved.
I deleted the link (www.sunderland-echo.co.uk)from IE favourites and ,through Google ,established a new link, www.sunderlandecho.com which works fine. I guess the publishers must have changed web addresses on me. Cheers Peterver