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17-12-2003, 10:06 AM
I beleive that the WS makes calenders for you if you provide photos etc...

I'm wanting to do this for a few relatives for xmas, i know it might be a lil late but i wanna do it and know if what i wanna do can be done...

Can I make a collage on the computer with my digital photo images and some scanned images, and save on floppy and take that in and they print it off in their good quality stuff and use that? or take the floppy into a printers and they print it off for me and i take it to WS and they use that...

Also are the calenders any good from them?

If you know of something or somewhere better...in Rotorua...please please please let me know asap :-)

And if i cant have them by xmas, then its cool coz its their bday 4 days later so that can be a bday gift instead....

Please help guys and gals :)


(if your wondering why i didnt go in and ask these questions, its coz i went there twice now but they were sooo busy i knew that my questions wouldnt get answered properly if they were in a rush)

17-12-2003, 11:43 AM
I'd say it's possible, although for a high enough resolution picture it'd probably have to go on a CD. Some Printers do small jobs like that, so it's worth ringing around.

17-12-2003, 11:47 AM
WS are always to busy to serve you. Iwas in there a couple of weeks ago to buy a laser printer but nobody wanted to serve me. So I went to DSE. Five times as many customers but I still got served.
For your calenders I'd try Rotorua Printers.Possably Blue Star too.

17-12-2003, 04:01 PM
thanks guys...

i knew i could use a cd instead of a floppy but wasnt thinking as i was fiddling with a few floppys at the time of writing the first post...

i'll go biking around looking for prices and locations 2morrow...and those 2 places u told me jjjjj i'll go look :-)

Thanks :-)