View Full Version : Mounting samba printer in Vector Linux without a GUI tool

15-12-2003, 03:05 PM

Ive got a Vector Linux 4 setup here, running a VERY cut-down Xfce4.

Im trying to setup smb access to a printer on another WindowsXP Machine.

In linux, how would I mount the printer that's currently on this XP machine?
Ive done smb shares and mounts from the command line, but printing escapes me?

Cant install Redhat-config-printer as my version of python is out of date and I really cant be stuffed updating the long list of packages ATM.

Thanks in advance

(BTW - Its a HP5550)


Graham L
15-12-2003, 03:32 PM
If the printer's on an XP machine, it's not a "samba printer" It's a printer which can be accessed using Samba. ;-)

sambaclient (with the appropriate machine name -- man sambaclient) will show what the printer's name wiould be to Samba. Then man samba.conf will tell you the format of that section of samba.conf.