View Full Version : Cannot boot Dos6.22 from new HDD

21-04-2000, 01:15 PM
I have recently upgraded my machine but am having difficulties setting up the second HDD and getting it to boot DOS 6.22 (in preparation to reinstalling Win95 in a dual boot arrangement).

I have backed up all my data and have done the following:
1. Successfully installed the 8GB HDD2 and got the bios to AUTO detect it as master on IDE2
2. Using HDD1, dual booted to DOS 6.22, successfully created and formatted a 2GB boot partition (forget the other 6GB for now)
3. Took out the old 1GB HDD1, set it aside and got the bios to AUTO detect HDD2 as master on IDE1

After a successful POST, the system hangs with a message ?press any key to reboot? and the ?starting MS-DOS? message does not even appear. It seems that I can partition the new HDD anyway I like (within the 2GB limitation) but cannot use it as a boot drive.

My configuration: P100 (Dec95 vintage), 80MB (16 + new 64EDO), Award Bios v4.50PG (bios date 11/2/95), Maxtor 7108A 1GB HDD, dual boot DOS 6.22 and Win95a.

I intend to upgrade my bios and install Win95 OSR2 later but I want to sort out the boot problem first. Is there anything I've overlooked?