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04-12-2003, 03:16 PM
is there a way to run a linux distro that can boot fast and mount all the partitions and get the smb service runing so it is purely a linux file server for my window machines...

i'm trying to do it from mandrake...having some difficulties... or is there a distro out there purely made for this purpose??

04-12-2003, 04:24 PM
Try other distro like redhat9 or slackware..

04-12-2003, 04:51 PM
um.. but what's like the min. stuff u need to get samba running and ready to servce files?

Dolby Digital
04-12-2003, 05:07 PM
I think Mandrake comes with a reasonable default smb.conf file. You will probably need to review it for your own particular setup.

I've just setup a box with Samba 3.0 with Mandrake. This involved compiling from source though!

04-12-2003, 05:17 PM
i've got samba working with my mandrake aswell

i just want to some how make the system boot up into linux and get smb working and serving files fast and easily

Graham L
04-12-2003, 05:29 PM
There are a lot of things involved. You can make the sytem boot quicker by compiling a kernel with only the functions needed and with all the needed drivers (disk, network, ) inclued rather than as modules. That gets you a smaller kernel, and lets you do away with the inittrd step. You also make it boot (and run) faster by not loading a GUI. :D

You won't find a distribution to run just as a Samba server. (Of course, some one will prove me wrong :D).

It wouldn't take too much playing around to build it. But of course you find something left out at each step.

Linux hasn't made much of a thing about fast booting --- MS did because their OSs seem to need rebooting often; *nix boxes have always been left running. :D

Try doing a server installation, with the development stuff so you can compile the kernel. Make it so that it boots to the black screen. Load the mc file manager (and everything) so you are not totally lost.

Use grub and change /boot/grub/grub.conf by adding a copy of the lines of the default system (with a different title ;-)) but without the initrd line. See if that will boot.

04-12-2003, 05:30 PM
It is quite possible with mandrake. With minimal services it should take <30seconds to boot.

First, get samba installed and working. Install the packages "samba-server" and "samba-swat", from the command line just use "urpmi samba-server samba-swat". SWAT is a remote admin too to configure samba from another machine, you can access it by entering http://localhost:901 in your browser.

Once its working, disable all services you don't need. This can be done through the mandrake control center. Use "drakboot" to stop X from loading, when you reboot you should get a text login. You can start X manually with the "startx" command.

Then use DrakServices ("drakxservices" at the console) to disable any other services. you don't need. The bare minimum to leave on would be smb, xinetd (to run SWAT), devfsd, iptbles (and other firewall stuff), keytable, network (and maybe netfs), syslog.

BTW, is this the same system you are having trouble with samba? Because mandrake includes all the samba stuff you would need, you don't need to download any 3rd parth stuff.

04-12-2003, 07:29 PM
If you're new to Linux, then I'd suggest you think long and hard about what you're doing, or be prepared to learn... Its really not that bad :-)

You're not going to want things like XFree86 installed on a server...
LFS/Gentoo might make a good option...
Vector Linux comes to mind here. Ive just installed VL4 on a PC at work without X (X comes tomorrow.. I had to leave for home :-)).
Says it comes with Samba :-) 2.2.8 should suffice :-)
V4L will work on anything 386 upwards with 16MB RAM..!

I can then send you a sample smb.conf file if you'd like, or see:

Hope this helps


04-12-2003, 08:06 PM
For a basic setup, see: