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11-04-2000, 08:25 PM

I am currently having difficulty forcing Word 97 (and the other MSOffice apps) to use the ?English (New Zealand)? option for spell checking. I have changed the Regional Settings on the control panel to ?English (NZ)? and from within a new Word document, have selected ?Tools? ?Language? ?English (NZ)? ?Set as default? and allowed Word to modify the template Normal.dot. The only effect this appears to have is to create a new version of Normal.dot named ~$Normal.dot which Word then appears to use as the default for new documents. The spell checker reverts to ?English (United States)? and spells color the wrong way.

Win.ini contains the following lines:
sCountry= New Zealand

which appear to me to indicate that ?English (NZ) is in fact the default language.

Any suggestions other than resetting the language every time a new document is opened?


Hugh in Christchurch