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26-11-2003, 05:23 PM
hello everyone,

i have bought a new tv tuner card (pixel view) and was trying to install the drivers for the BT878 chip from the software cd but i keep getting "Access is denied" error when i try installing the driver for the "video controller".

But i can install the other drivers like audio controller just fine.

now i can't even rollback the drivers.
i'm using a pixelview play tv pro and wndows xp with sp1.

i have tried uninstalling all the drivers and application and then removed the tv tuner card and installed all freshly and xp still gives me the same error "Access is denied"

Is there any other way other than installing XP again?

thanks heaps in advance.

Jen C
26-11-2003, 05:39 PM
Hi, and welcome to PressF1 :)

You might like to have a read of this thread - specifically response 3 & 4 here (http://www.computing.net/windows2000/wwwboard/forum/52433.html). Where he says to pulldown the security menu, just right-click and select Properties. A bit strange that you can still install the audio drivers OK without getting the same message.

See what other advice you get first before trying this, and it may pay to set a System Restore point first. :)

small tip: if you put in your subject line the topic of your post,
it will help attract viewers who may be more familiar with your problem :)

26-11-2003, 05:52 PM
hey jenc..

that was fast reply. thanx a lot jenc. i will try that.
This site is awesome man.

I was also trying some other forums. but i dont even get the reply for like days...but this site is quickest reply and good help.

This site rocks

Thanx again