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26-11-2003, 01:23 PM
I'm getting some anomilies on my system. Too deep for me to fix. Is there a way to re-install Windows without losing the rest of my programs? I have a lot of games with layers of expansions, like the Sims. Lots of programs and utilities I bought and don;t want to lose. Can I install a new version of Windows SE on a seperate partition or another hard drive, and will all my programs still run the same if I do? Or is there a more in-depth system diagnostic and /or repair utility than Norton ?

Jen C
26-11-2003, 02:35 PM
I'm not sure whether Win98 SE offers a repair option on the installation CD. If it does, then you can attempt a repair of Windows which *should* leave all your current programs untouched.

If you install Win98 onto another partition, you will also need to reinstall your games as the registry settings and file paths for the games will be pointing to your old installation still on the original Win98 partition. If Windows has been corrupted, you really don't want to keep that installation and try to keep running your programs and games off it as it is Windows that is glueing everything together. If the glue is becoming unstuck, then your programs and games will also unravel eventually.

Can you not backup all your saved games and programs to CD?

What sort of problems does you current Windows have? What are the errors being reported by Nortons? Your system might be fixable depending on what is happening.

Peter H
26-11-2003, 02:48 PM
Yes. Boot from your start-up disc - cd rom support - put W98se CD in and run Setup.exe. This will just repair and not affect your other programs. It will keep all your original preferences. Don't put it on a seperate partition.

27-11-2003, 08:39 PM
Install SE over the top of itself

install SE over the top of itself this will overwrite your current system files etc yet leave all your programs and other stuff in place....
insert your cdrom then boot with floppy
at the A:> prompt type in C: then hit enter....then 'surf' to your windoze folder by typeing in cd windows and hitting enter...(or cd winme or whatever the name of your windows folder is) then type in
ren win.com win.old then hit enter
type in the letter of your windoze cdrom for example D: then hit enter
then 'surf' to the folder on the cd that has all the setup .cab files in it by typeing 'cd win98SE' for example
(cd for change directory) then type in 'setup'
this will start the setup
during setup you maybe asked by the system where you would like to install SE to.......and it may suggest for example windows.000 .....if it suggests any name different to the current windows folder, (Which is usually 'windows'), hit the 'change directory' option then change the directory name to the current windows folder name.......then away you go.......