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23-11-2003, 11:30 AM
On my old computer (Windows 98) running IE6 I stored my email messages in folders such as "work" "personal" etc rather than keeping them in "inbox". That way the "inbox" only contained messages that I still had to reply to.

I now have a new computer with Windows XP and want to transfer the old stored messages in their folders to the new computer.

Even though IE6 is running on both computers the folders are now stored diferently. On the windows 98 computer the personal folder was stored as "personal.dbx". In windows XP the.dbx file type has disappeared altogether.

I have tried the export folders option in Windows 98 which produces an"outlook.pst" file but windows XP doesn't recognise this when I try to import it.

Any help greatly appreciated



23-11-2003, 11:57 AM
On your Windows XP computer the .dbx folders for Outlook Express are still there but they may be hidden folders which need to be unhidden within Windows Explorer's Folders options before you can view them.
Once unhidden do a search for the *.dbx folders to locate them and then just copy your personal.dbx and work.dbx folders into the same folder as the Inbox.dbx.
You can also copy your Inbox.dbx file from your old computer but if you already have some emails in the Inbox on the Win XP computer they will be replaced by the older emails so ensure that the Win XP Inbox is empty before doing so.
Tip: When searching for .dbx files you may have to change the Advanced options in the search box to enable searching hidden and system files.

23-11-2003, 12:00 PM
I wish that Microsoft and Users would see the difference between Outlook Express and Outlook. MS should not have given similar names to two different mail clients in my opinion.

"Outlook express" comes with various versions of Windows and is free with the operating system. Outlook express will allow you to export to Outlook or MSExchange thus the Outlook.pst file.

"Outlook" comes with various versions of MS Office and it is the mail client I use by choice. I use this as it suits me and I can Export my data to a Backup.pst file, reformat the hard disk and Import the .pst file back.

Not that I have had to do that for some time but at least I have the option.

In Outlook Express you can copy your data files to floppy or CD but it's not as easy to get them back on a new intallation of Windows.

23-11-2003, 01:38 PM
A piece of cake actually with OE.
Do a search on your 98 for *.dbx. When you find it, copy the whole folder to the new PC.
Open up OE and go file-import-mail and tick the "from other OE store" and direct it to the folder.
You can do the same for your addressbook by searching and copying *.wab file.