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23-11-2003, 10:50 AM
Just wondering how many of you are still at school, doing NCEA exams? they're a killer - especially English

But I'm not one to complain only one more exam on monday and thats economics.

23-11-2003, 11:13 AM
Not at school, but out of interest, what sort of questions do they ask in these exams ?


23-11-2003, 11:44 AM
yeah, i'm doing them
What level are you?
I'm 5th form - so level one - but i do lvl 2 maths.

Science i thought was good, I done one health one for PE - that was a waste of time - all common sense.
English.... god i hate english... 4 essasys - that sucked, and the 1.6 - unfamilar texts - that was bloody hard (well i thout it was :p)

Then i had maths - that was pretty sweet, and accounting on thursday - which was mean, we had been expecting far worse - but it was good.

I only got one left - Economics tomorow.

How'd you find them?

23-11-2003, 12:57 PM
yeah im doing 3rd form exams, not that there important or anything, just english, maths and science(im expecting to get not achieved on science)


23-11-2003, 12:59 PM
hey fergie I take the same level 1 subjects as you except I take maths level 1 science was easy, maths was ok english was ok as well but the 4 essays were a killer, accounting was a evil but I thing I did ok, I don't know about eco though

23-11-2003, 01:25 PM
In accounting, we've been doing really hard tests all yeah, and the stuff we do in class has been way more advanced and complex than that in the tests.

Like are pratice exams we done a few weeks ago - no one passed them all - even the super brainy ppl.

So I (and most other ppl from that class) found it good.

One Q about the Science one - in the astronomy test - there was a Q about maori planets - were you supposed to answer them in English, (eg, neptune, pluto etc) or Moari?
Just that theres a great debate going on between a few of us

23-11-2003, 01:31 PM
>Not at school, but out of interest, what sort of questions do they ask in these exams ?

weel, as we do NCEA - i'd say it'd be different to what most of you guys/gals are used to in skool C.

With NCEA - we do some things during the year - for english - we do a speech, creative writing (writing a short story) research, and static image (draing a poster about something - then writing about techniques you used etc) and all this marks go towards are final grade.
In the exams for english - we had to write 4 essays - one on formal writing - about a given topic, one about a novel we read during teh year in class (me it was The whale Rider) - and we have to chosse what to write about - they had one about a "main idea' one about a character ect.
The other two have the same topics to right about - one essay is about a movie, and the last one about 2 short stories/poems.

and the last one in english was unfamilar texts - like reading comprehension.

As I haven't done skool C - i can't really compare between NCEA and SC

23-11-2003, 02:15 PM
Oh, yes, indeed... exams. I've got two left, Chemistry tomorrow, and Geography the day after.

Now, I must admit, NZQA should up the ante (something like that). I sat NCEA Level 1 Maths and History last year, and they were both quite easy (except I failed the essay for history - I never wrote more than one page throughout the entire year for essays in an exam situation {if we had a week or so to write them I wrote much better, and around about three pages}).

I'm doing SFC (transitional) Maths this year, and I got a lovely mark of 54% in the end of year exam - being ranked 18th out of the 120 odd students sitting SFC Maths at my school (highest mark was eighty-something percent). Believe it or not, I foud the SFEE Maths exam easier than the SFC one.

Further more to my point, all the NCEA Level 1 exams I've sat so far have been quite easy.

Science: only sat one paper, and had to wait 15 minutes til the 45 minute mark was up so I could leave.
English: sat all five papers, they were quite easy (even though I only finished with one minute to spare). I was glad I watched a doco about GE a few days beforehand though. :D
Physics: only sat three papers (I think), but I got out in two hours. It was quite straightforward and easy.
Accounting: easier than expected, and I got out after 2.5 hours.

And I'm only sitting two papers for Chemistry, and Geography in the practice exam was so short everyone finished within two hours (damned school didn't let us go til the three hours was up though).

If you're wondering why I'm not sitting all papers for Chemistry, Physics, and Science, it's because I'm doing Physical Science - a combination of all three.

23-11-2003, 02:20 PM
Thanks for letting me know. My school English days were back in the mists of time and they were in the UK - 'O' levels' However, they seem to follow the same lines. Have not finished doing exams though, just done a paper in Occupational Medicne - keeps the brain from going soggy !!


Graham L
23-11-2003, 03:06 PM
"a combination of all three"?

There are only two kinds of science: physics and stamp collecting --- [i]Ernest Rutherford[/b]

~~~~~ s y ~~~~~
23-11-2003, 04:54 PM
> Thanks for letting me know. My school English days
> were back in the mists of time and they were in the
> UK - 'O' levels'

Just to let you know, the 'O Levels' are now known as the 'A Levels'. Also, this is what many New Zealand schools have decided to do since the introduction of NCEA. Which, most, including myself, cannot criticise enough. There are "some" good points of NCEA, and that is to let the 'less able' achieve. *I don't mean any offence, I doubt there're any of these people on PF1 anyway, suprised if there were. As someone once said... people involved in either music or computers tend to be much more academically capable* Otherwise, I simply see the NCEA as been one of the worst way of assessment. (I have to agree with Dr. Brash on this)

Already, I've completed IGCSE (the level below A levels, like SC and Bursary) in Extended Mathematics and Combined Science, along with NCEA Mathematics and 2 standard from NCEA Science, and 1 from Biology. Already, I have any doubt as to how NCEA can extend the mind. I'm a 4th former in theory by the way. Since completing the IGCSE, I've had no trouble sitting the NCEA without study and completing it fully.

To me, NCEA is the examination of luck :D You got to try your luck on whether you get a 'nice' marker or 'nasty' marker. You also have to try your luck on whether you're making silly mistakes, etc.

My conclusion is that we're all very capable, we just need to be pressured to undertake the training required.

23-11-2003, 09:57 PM
I have had Principles of Management so far (Friday). I think I may have pulled out enough BS to get through it.

Tomorrow is Information Systems, which is software development and planning stuff. Planning sucks.

24-11-2003, 08:36 AM
Are you sure the 'O' has become 'A' ? We had 'A' back then. The 'O' stood for Ordinary level and the 'A' for Advanced level. There was also 'S' level for Scholarship. Mind you, anything can happen these days. I think each generation bemoans the "lack" of education of the younger generation, but we still seem to be turning out scientists, etc. My only gripe is with the continual change. If it works don't fix it. What is also bad is that students can get to University and can't string two words together. There's something wrong there.


24-11-2003, 09:14 AM
Are you doing a BCom JM? Doesnt sound like any high school classes that I know of.

Terry Porritt
24-11-2003, 10:40 AM
"Henry" Crun is correct as to the UK set up.
In the beginning we had exams called Matriculation (run by University of London) otherwise known as School Certificate, Intermediate Higher School Certificate and Higher School Certificate.

These were replaced by General Certificates of Education(Ordinary Level, and Advanced Level), the bright ones in the second sixth (your seventh or 13th) would also sit Scholarship Level.

Inter-HSC was dropped.

Now most pupils (I hate the word students applied to schools, you are not students until you go onto to higher things, you are pupils :) ), in the UK taking these exams were amongst the brighter ones who had passed Grammar School entrance or "Scholarship" exams, later known as the universal "11 Plus", as in 1949?, an education act made Grammar Schools open to free entry subject to passing the 11 Plus.

Later after Labour Minister Tony Crossland ( who was notorious for his swear words regarding Grammar Schools) started compulsorily destroying them and turning them into so-called Comprehensives, they introduced exams called CSE, which were designed to give everyone a qualification.

They were at about very roughly the level of 3rd form Grammar, ( you took O Level at about 16 yrs in the 5th form.)

There are now very very few Grammar Schools left, they were the backbone of english education.

My old school was turned into a comprehensive, and the education report I read about it 3 years ago had placed it as among the lowest 3 or 4 for achievement in the whole of the UK.

24-11-2003, 11:15 AM
oweel, i'm to town to go do this economics exam.

Good luck for the rest of you guys who said you're doing it, and anyone else who's doing other exams.

In a few hours - i'll have 2 months of no school

24-11-2003, 03:38 PM
> What is also bad is that students can get to University and can't string two
> words together. There's something wrong there.

I agree, it is shocking. The standard of spelling in many newspapers also makes me cringe these days.

24-11-2003, 06:14 PM

:D :D :D :D :D

yeh eco was pretty average, i left just before 15 minutes to leave and made a helluva raccet causes pens and **** dropped from my hole in the plastic bag i was using.

English was the biggest c*nt, reckon i passed 1.6 though. Science was easier than i thought *cept for geology.

I took Maths, English, Information Management, Science and Economics

with health and p.e but only internals

Maths was alright, so was info and science and eco.

24-11-2003, 06:15 PM
oh yeh im level 1. At Tauraroa Area School in whangarei

24-11-2003, 06:18 PM
glad thats over.

I thought that Eco exam was hard - weel hardest out of all exams i've done so far :(

Oweel, guess i have to wait till January now...

24-11-2003, 06:28 PM

24-11-2003, 06:33 PM
just tlaking to a guy who finished exams last thursday - said he's already bored...

2 months.....

I should get a job

24-11-2003, 06:35 PM
yeh me to. You got msn? add me mrbeefatorconnetnz

25-11-2003, 03:44 PM
omg omg omg omg ITS SUMMER,
I had economics level 2 yesterday, damn it was hard... and economics is one of my best subjects... :S oh well, thats NCEA for you. I saw the old 6th form cert exams, and they were 100% easier...

but now its summer, i've been going to bed at 3am (YAH for coding, been missing that for a while), spending the day running, programming, and making mp3 boxes ;)

oh life is good now, nothing to do and all day to do it in

- David
p.s. for everyone who know's that ncea is a stupid waste of time, theres a picture going around with the NCEA logo and the NCEA letters replaced with NCEgAy ;)

25-11-2003, 06:54 PM
Can you young holligans (despite the fact I'm young too) not hold your tongue on a public forum? First a blatant swear word, then the use of a term in a derogatory fashion?

In any case, despite all my efforts to wipe the wide smile off my face as I left school after my last exam, I couldn't damn well stop smiling... evil smiles, aren't they. ;)

And now I'm hoping, and waiting, that my job application is successful.

26-11-2003, 08:43 AM
Don't complain about the NCEA system. From what I've heard (a friend of mine is a maths teacher), the standards have actually dropped since NCEA was introduced, for example trigonometry in non-right angled triangles formely in SchoolCert have now been moved to NCEA Level 2.

It also allows students to achieve things during the year, so their entire year's achievement doesn't depend on one exam at the end of the year. In my opinion the system is better, but it is also lowering the standard to make the govt look better as they can brag that "more people pass NCEA than SchoolC" isn't going to be good in the long term for New Zealand scholars.

26-11-2003, 08:56 AM
For some obscure reason, most of my maths class prefers getting a percentage to a wide bracket range of Achieved, Achieved with Merit, or Achieved with Excellence (which isn't all that wide a range as the other two). Personally, I couldn't give a damn.

Now yes, NCEA was made so that more people pass - I've heard teachers talking about that too. What I see as better in NCEA is that half of the people do not automatically fail (which was pretty much the system in School C).

I can't really comment on whether the standard has dropped, but I can say that I know people who said the hardest question in the Level 1 maths exam was one of the Excellence questions (duh) in the algebra section... hardly what I would call hard, but hey, I did Level 1 maths in fourth form...

26-11-2003, 09:23 AM
You mentioned the word "fail". I think this is the root of the whole problem, i.e. whether one passes or fails. From a personal point of view I am torn between the two states of got a piece of paper (pass) and not (fail). For instance, I had to sit the old UK 'O' and 'A' levels to get to University. No exams no entry. A reasonable request. My University was a bit of a forward thinking institution (at least in my subject), it didn't want exams !! It wanted to monitor performance closly over the course and then decide on whther you were fit to receive the degree or not. This situation would have suited all of us in the year, believe you me, if you think this NCEA stuff is hard, wait till you get to University !! However, the governent said you can't do that. So, we had a token jester type exam to keep them happy, but lots of little ones during the five years. In the end, that was probably the best compromise, made you work steadily and didn't place reliance on last minute swat.
Personally, I don't believe that much in exams. They are a snap shot, but there has to be something other than a teacher rating. That is open to abuse. The other thing is the government should keep it's nose out of the whole affair and allow an academic institution sort it out. And as if I haven't said enough already. Stop fiddling with the pass mark, moving the goal posts to make sure sufficient numbers pass. And finally to get back to the beginning, we need to get rid of the shame attached to not getting a pass. To avoid this perhaps the "3 R's" should simply be taught. You or parents choose other subjects that are going to useful - how about carpentry or plumbing or whatever ?
Sorry about the rant.


26-11-2003, 09:58 AM
You're right in that exams are a snapshot of your work. Teachers will be able to tell you how much you know and how good you are just from your attitude and knowing you all year, unlike an external exam sat at the end of the year.

Education has, really, turned into a rat-race. Examinations do nothing but add to that. If you think about it, all the pride and glory is placed on the top achievers - who also strive to try and get just that little bit higher (believe me, there's a really pedantic student in my class who complains to the teachers over all the marks he gets back, weaseling for extra marks, and he admits to that too) over everyone else to make themselves look better.

On top of that, if you get average marks, you aren't overly encouraged - for some people, they just can't do better, but are forced to face self-shame when teachers rant on about the students who didn't perform too well (admittedly some of them don't actually care that they got low marks).

Education is becoming a farce. No longer do we value what we are taught, we want more and more, because we think it'll get us ahead.

Wayne H
26-11-2003, 10:42 AM
did some one say it was summer?
if this is summer bring back winter. ?:|
the weather is lousy in ak :-(
carpark is flooded, the rain is moving sideways.
I got introduced to the sun about two days ago since then i think it has gone into hiding.

26-11-2003, 01:27 PM
I dunno about that, it's looking (admittedly remotely) sunny right now. Still plenty of cloud cover out west, but it's all blue skies and drifting clouds and semi-shinging sun closer to the CBD.

26-11-2003, 04:13 PM
Well I'm In Taranaki - and it's been raining pretty hard the last 24hrs - with no sign of it stopping...

oweel - wet weather plus holidays equal only one thing =COMPUTER :D

~~~~~ s y ~~~~~
26-11-2003, 05:10 PM
To be quite honest with you, no teacher at our school love NCEA. Some like it, only because more people pass.

Having done both NCEA and Cambridge IGCSE (first level of A levels, etc) this year, I have to amit that we are in a country where standards will fall like nothing seen before, if we do not stop this. Statistics over the last few years have shown a decrease in standards for us.

To me, Cambridge is a challenging and demanding course. I honestly cannot go into the exam room and try pass with this. However, I did do it with NCEA... I did absolutely no study for any of the tests/exams, and still managed to answer all the excellence questions. Already, I have only got 'Excellence' for my internal assessed work. And no!, teachers at our school are definitely not soft.

At our school, from senior management down to students, we simply think NCEA is not benefiting us much. Cambridge, chosen only by some of the better big schools, e.g Auckland Grammar, McLeans College, Westlake Boys' are what we need: something that will challenge our minds. Within our IGCSE course, we are taught things that will appear in Level 2 and 3. Most of them infact! Some, such as advanced matrices, don't even appear at all, unless you do university Maths!

I simply cannot express how bad NCEA is when you compare it to other qualifications. Even my other friends, who take the International Baccalaureate say NCEA is a load of rubbish. Not only does it increase the work load for teachers, but it lowers our standards, and all the rest. Having 'bad luck' on exam day, just isn't a good enough excuse for doing bad.

However, I am happy that my school has given us the opportunity to do both NCEA and Cambridge (with Cambridge as principle). We have learnt many things along the way. And thus, I have opted, without a headache, to dump NCEA. Again, these are some of our views, and certainly not for everyone.

By the way, I am only 14. And I am not a genius

26-11-2003, 05:14 PM

NCEA has been designed as a dumbing down system. It mashes as many possible into achievement/merit bracket as possible. Excellence can sometimes be extremely hard to get and many cases (which i always seem to face) is lost due to absolutely stupid reasons (I went from Excellence to merit because i didn't round a number properly so thats 100% to 75%... just for rounding)

The way they work out percentages using 50% = achievement, 75% = merit, 100% is excellence is absolute rubbish, no ways about it. It in NO WAY shows the achievement of a student, theres often a chance that in a percentage based system a merit student will get higher marks that someone getting excellence. But considering there is NO other way of accessing a students achievement in a subject without these averages, it agains stupidifies the system. Unfortunatley the universities are using this system, as it is the only way to work it out, but is fully inaccurate.

This system is rubbish, my marks have been downgraded too many times for stupid reasons. It is easier to pass, but hey LIFE'S NOT LIKE THAT, its good if your struggling to pass school (40% -> 60%), but any higher is just a waste of time. I am a fairly high achieving student, and have been almost at the point of dropping out and going straight to university. I'm sick and tired of a system in which is fatally flawed and then no one accepts that there are problems.

- David

26-11-2003, 05:19 PM
I forgot to say that internal assements are not a fair level of all of New Zealand. My school (Rangitoto College) apparently has standards higher that most schools, I know that some schools can resist internal assessments as many times as they want, due to the size of our school (3000 students) we only get about 1 - unless we're lucky. Difficulties of standard's will probably vary greatly,

You can't tell me that someone being able to sit an assessment 3 times fair...

- David

26-11-2003, 05:31 PM
Just thought I'd add that I despise the Cambridge examinations and the pompous stuck-up ideals it stands for.

However, I do think NCEA has dropped the standard, as said in a former post.

26-11-2003, 06:27 PM
>I forgot to say that internal assements are not a fair level of all of New Zealand

At my School (Hawera High) we have 3 yr 12 maths classes - wot I do.
With one of the internals (probability) we done, our class got our papers back - I had Ex - and was the only one in the class - so I was naturally ahppy, but a few days later - I leanrt that 3 people who had Merits were aloowed to resit the same paper - and those 3 all got Ex's - this seemed ok - as I had benefited from this same procedure in other subjects - but when I heard that people in other math classes resit it up to 3 times - and people who had orignally got only Achives - and ended up with Excellences was when I got angry.

I wasn't going to express my concerns to the teacher - as I would have seemed like a loser - complaining how people (inlcuiong my mates) got better marks - so I just kept it inside.

And another thing - same subject - I once got a merit in a Test - this was ok, but I was guttered tht I missed out on one question that would have got me an excellence, however, I looked over at my neighbour's paper - they also had merit - but that had got the bare minium requirement for this standard - one extra question worng - and they would have had A.

So if this was skool C - i would have had 80% + - them, 60-70% - but with NCEA we get the same mark - and I get pulled down to there level :(....

26-11-2003, 06:52 PM
Theoretically teachers are supposed to excercise discretion when it comes to things like that. For example if you had been achieving Merits/Excellences all year and your result from this test was Merit because you made one really really stupid mistake where you put 1+1=3 or something like that which stopped you from getting excellence, the teacher can either give you the opportunity to resit and get Excellence or boost you up based on previous results and give you the Excellence that way.
What shouldn't happen is if people gaining Achieveds are allowed to resit and gain Excellence because they just decided to resit and most teachers work with this - if you fail you fail and you resit with Excellence, I agree it's not that fair considering you failed the first time and all that people see is you got Excellence on the Record of Learning, however if you achieve you can't resit unless you really have proven that it was a stupid mistake and that there's reason to be given the opportunity to be lifted.

There is a problem with teachers discretion as what one teacher deems as the stupid mistake the other might say nope, no resit. Which is why for internals teachers are supposed to agree on the standards or have them moderated by another person.

26-11-2003, 08:40 PM
Well mine are finished now.

26-11-2003, 09:10 PM
my last science lesson ( WHOO HOOO) is an exam then ive finished


26-11-2003, 09:28 PM

Exams complete, everything well and truly passed...

On to year three and graduation.

26-11-2003, 10:55 PM
I finished my IGCSE exams like 2 weeks ago. Im kinda bored rite now & just waitin for skool to re-open :D BTW im in 5th Form in Auckland Grammar (5C).

~~~~~ s y ~~~~~
26-11-2003, 10:58 PM
Cool, what subject did you do? Well.. for some reason, we're still expected to do work and complete assignments, etc. Because in theory, we're fourth formers :p

27-11-2003, 08:40 AM
Apparently if you fail, and do a resit, you can only get Achievement no matter how well you do.

27-11-2003, 08:43 AM
> Apparently if you fail, and do a resit, you can only get Achievement no matter how
> well you do.

That was the policy used last year when NCEA was been rolled out and implemented. It was changed towards the end of the year after schools had ~3 terms to try it and then submit their opinions in respect to what's hot and what's not with the new scheme.
Now you can fail and gain excellence upon resit.

27-11-2003, 08:48 AM
That's what I thought too.

But I'd assume there would be some level of misunderstanding about how the whole system works among teachers.

27-11-2003, 08:58 AM
oh ok... now imagine how happy the people who did School cert would have been if they failed, and were able to resit and get 90%...

27-11-2003, 09:21 AM
Excellences are amied at the the top 5% of new zealand

And then achievement is aimed at about 65%
and then merit is 30%

or it is something like that.
I only failed one internal this year at that was P.E internal - Now don't get me wrong i love sport and physical activity, but it was crap, writing and stuff for p.e


27-11-2003, 09:45 AM
English was ok, it was economics that killed me, you had to give a reason for every flippen answer, and I ran out of a lot of time.

I am generally a bit slow when it comes to exams, because stress just kills my brain, and I can't even work out simple problems, I gotta stare at it for ages.


27-11-2003, 10:42 AM
I use cheat codes:
1) When I'm playing game, and i'm stuck at a point where I can't pass no matter what - and I either give up on playing the game - never play it agian, or use a code to pass the point - and continue to play the game.
2) I have clocked the game, or played it so much that it's no longer fun, I will use cheats - just to make it a little more funner - and playable.

Take AoE2 - I played all the campaigns on that - no cheats (i loved that game :D) after i had done that (and purchased the expansion pack) i used to play deathmatch's and that using the cheats - teh cars, photon man etc - just for a bit more fun..

As for online games - I've never played a game over the net - i've tried - but no luck - as I'm on dail up

27-11-2003, 10:55 AM
> I use cheat codes:
> 1) When I'm playing game, and i'm stuck at a point
> where I can't pass no matter what - and I either give
> up on playing the game - never play it agian, or use
> a code to pass the point - and continue to play the
> game.
> 2) I have clocked the game, or played it so much that
> it's no longer fun, I will use cheats - just to make
> it a little more funner - and playable.
> Take AoE2 - I played all the campaigns on that - no
> cheats (i loved that game :D) after i had done that
> (and purchased the expansion pack) i used to play
> deathmatch's and that using the cheats - teh cars,
> photon man etc - just for a bit more fun..
> As for online games - I've never played a game over
> the net - i've tried - but no luck - as I'm on dail
> up

Are you sure you've posted in the right topic?

27-11-2003, 11:25 AM
lol - woops. :8}
I had two windows open - one for this topic - one for the cheats topic - i typed in reply for cheats topic in this one (as u can c!) clicked ok - then relised wot i had down - i was hoping it wouldn't go thro...

My fault - i'll post proper message now :^O

27-11-2003, 11:28 AM
>it was economics that killed me, you had to give a reason for every flippen answer, and I ran out of a lot of time.

Lol - thts exactly what I thouht - it was my last exam - and up untill then, I had thought all the exams where fine - and as eco been one of my stringer subjects - i thought I'd cruise through it.... But no, lol - the last two papers - i was sick of it all - i just wanted to get out of there - so i fewl threw them - no much thought at all!

27-11-2003, 06:29 PM
Well I have to agree with ~sy~ here.

I'm a bit over 60 years old and over the years have seen the education system go down hill.

For me I'm more into the three Rs. Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. At this point I'd add another "R". "Research."

At this point in time I realise that I don't know EVERYTHING ( unlike when I was 15 ) This is not a jab at the younger people BTW.

I take it this way. I only need to know what I need to know. If I need to know more then research skills, Libraries and the Internet will fill the gap in my education so I can live my life in the way I want.

I'm not ( for example ) going to to a full Auto Electrician course in order that I can fix my car when it stops. I'm not going to add a degree in Medicine in case I get a headache some time. I don't think any of us can know everything about everything.

IMHO a good knowledge of the three Rs and using language skills etc will give you a good base to research the area or areas that interest you as an individual.

Sorry, Got to go. I just noticed a cow gazing sorrowfully at my Fridge. :-)

27-11-2003, 08:48 PM
> lol.
> just tlaking to a guy who finished exams last
> thursday - said he's already bored...
> 2 months.....
> I should get a job

Exactly my thoughts. Its odd, study, study study, wish I could do anything else, study study, exam, exams, exam etc. etc... OVER!!!

2 days and Im bored. Scary to think I actually "enjoyed" (shudder) all that study.

I want a job too. Something webdesign, but everyone ignores me (like stu's copmany webstarters) :-)

27-11-2003, 09:30 PM
Yeah - well I'll be entertained over the next 2-3 days - off to a LAN party - 48 - 72hrs of pure gaming - what could be better?!

Anyone here from Hawera? i'm sure i've seen a few ppl with there profile from hawera - if so, any jobs needed doing?
O - and the owner of Hawera I.T wouldn't read this forum would they :p