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22-11-2003, 03:26 PM
Have just reinstalled with xp pro. Formated the partition & clean install.
Mother board is Asus A7v8x
3 Hdd's, 1 60 gb which has the os on it & 2 x 80gb hdd's.
It has been set up for RAID 0 across 2 80gb disks. But not Running this @ the momo. so is seeing the 2 80gb drives seprately through win explorer.
Through the install I copied the drivers off the mother board cd rom & installed throught the setup . Now when go to Win explorer i can see & explorer the hdd with the os on (thats the 60gb) it as well as one of the 80gb hdd.
when i try to select the other 80 gb hdd the message comes up with
H: is not accessible (H: being the drive letter)
Access is denied
When i go to the properties of the H: the format is RAW format with no security options etc.. So it can see the drive but cant recognise that the format?? (which is NTFS accross all 3 HDD's)
When i go to disk Management can see again the drive but again get the same message when try to browse or explore the H drive.
Now here is the tricky part..
I went to see if i could back up the contents of the H: to one of the other Hdd's. Yep.. can see all of the info. on the H: through the back up function. . Weird eh??
So went to back up one dir & backed up the dir as a .bkf file on the other hdd.
1) Why can it not recognise the H: (when b 4 the reinstall i could see all Hdd's sweet as)
2) Why can the back up function see the dirs on the H:??
3) Win Win XP how do you tell the back up to instead of making like an image of the info (.bkf extention) to copy the dirs to another hdd. .

Any suggestions/explinations would be apreciated.