View Full Version : Internet Exploder crash and burn!

31-10-1998, 12:41 AM
Hey people!

Ever have problems with Internet Exploder crashing and burning in the last few seconds of a download? Well, let me explain how it works and you'll be able to save you the agony.

IE3/4 has the capacity to open new and separate threads, or create a new one of your current one. To create a new thread, just double-click on the icon on your desktop. To create a sub-thread, press Ctrl+N, or right-click a link and choose 'Open in New Window'.

When one of the threads encounters a problem with something, such as its run-away memory cache runs it over, that thread and all its sub-threads. Bit of a bummer at that last fatal second of the download, but hey, that's what Microsoft does best at - crashes (and GUI design).

So, keep those threads separate, and surf on through the hard times.