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13-11-2003, 12:45 PM
I have two computers. I use Windows 98 SE on both. One had a 30 GB hard drive, the other a 40 GB. I added an 80 GB to one system, and set it up so the 80 GB was the master drive, with all the basic info. The smaller hard drive became a sort of back-up. Then I decided I had too much memory on one system, and instead of getting another hard drive, if I could swap the 80 GB in one system for the 40 GB in the other, I would be set for a while. One system would have 80 and the other 30 + 40 GB. I had Norton Ghost and Partition Magic, and I thought if I used the Partition Magic to make a seperate partition on the 80 hard drive, I could use the Norton Ghost to transfer the data from the 40 hard drive into it, Max Blast the 40, transfer the original data from the 80 hard drive onto it, then erase the original data from the 80, and I would be all set. So I did. Everything went well, but Partition Magic told me the partition I had moved the data onto the 80 into was "past the 166400 something.. " point on the hard drive and therefore could not be bootable. So I had Partition Magic move the data and enlarge the partition to fill the hard drive. It took about two and a half hours for the data to get moved. And when I went to boot the system I ran into some problems. First, I kept getting the message that "EMM386 IS NOT LOADED, CANNOT SET PAGE FROM.." something something. Press any key to continue. But without pressing any key, another massage would apear sayin EMM386 was loaded, and the system would boot. But the sound wouldn't work. I tried re-loading the sound card drivers but still no sound. Device Manager said the device was working and the driver was active, but still no sound. Then I remembered having a similar problem and went into Msconfig. and un-checked the System ini. file. When I re-booted, the sound worked but the display settings wouldn't. I re-installedm the video drivers and got the display card working. But every time I boot the system I get the same message about tha "EMM 386 Not loaded..." and I'm running the system with the System ini. file checked off. I sure could use some help.

Terry Porritt
13-11-2003, 05:08 PM
This sounds like one of the few times I'd recommend starting all over again with clean installs. If there are problems with the system files then they are not going to be easily fixed, and there is no way of knowing what tricks PM may have got up to.

Terry Porritt
13-11-2003, 05:12 PM
Another thing, you cant just swap hard drives between computers if they contain the system files, as the hardware is going to be different, system.ini, win.ini and the registries will be different. You have to remove everything from device manager and let windows re-detect. Even then it is not always 100% foolproof.