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12-11-2003, 09:36 AM
From NZCity:

Grisly e-mail chain letter alarms

Internet safety group urges teachers to warn pupils about chain letter e-mails.after discovery of one containing picture of dead child.

12 November 2003

An Internet safety group is urging teachers to warn their pupils about chain letter e-mails.

The plea comes after the discovery that a grisly e-mail is circulating in New Zealand, containing a picture of a dead child.

Internet Safety Group education manager Claire Balfour says the picture is a close-up that you would not see in a newspaper.

She says children under 12 years old would be very frightened by it and the death threat that comes with it if it is not passed on to 15 friends.

Claire Balfour is alerting parents to make their children aware of it.

She says forensic experts have so far tracked it back to Melbourne, but it could have come from anywhere.

The e-mail is similar to one circulated in June.

Claire Balfour says teachers providing cyber-safety education should deal specifically with chain letters, and tell children that nothing will happen to them if they do not respond.

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