View Full Version : Resource site for XP, burning CDs and much more!

Billy T
07-11-2003, 10:59 AM
Hi Team

Picked This Site (http://www.webtree.ca/windowsxp/index.htm) up from the latest Langa List and initially went there to look at info on copying vinyl & tape to CD but found there was much much more available. It is worth a visit, and some may think it worth bookmarking.

The CD section can be found on the scrolling menu on the LHS of the screen. If you are interested in copying vinyl to CD, it contains the most comprehensive and easy to understand instructions I have ever seen, plus links to all the software you will need.

That topic also links to Andy McFadden's comprehensive guide to CDR/RW burning and many other aspects of CER/RW tchnology. I have posted this before but this may help newer PF1'ers or others who may have missed it the first time.


Billy 8-{)